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USS Polaris (Tiered USCM deep-space Frigate) beta 1.7.1 (+ mod)

A large military frigate for people willing to play human and nomadic lifestyle...

  1. Some frigate related stuff, minor fixes and a mod to move essential ship parts...

    Hello again;

    Please read; its quite important:

    This beta version 1.7.1 is a bit special because it also include an old mod than havent been updated officially by its author (@Mikablu ) but is still functionnal, that I find extremly usefull; I'm using it all the time), as the supplemental zoom levels.
    Also, to install it, do not just unzip it in the mod folder, but instead copy the two folders you will find in the unzipped folder and copy thoses to the starbound...
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  2. Late Starbound release build and transparency.

    Hello everyone.
    I know i'm a few weeks late, starbound is released since 22 of july...and we are...oh well, the 14 of august x)

    Here is finally a functionnal version of the polaris frigate.
    Notice that its still a beta build (devellopment isnt finished yet, more features should come), but it should work now with 1.0 build of starbound and the next ones.
    - The main new feature is that now, most of the ship have as default background some destructible invisible polymer blocks, usefull to...
  3. Punished by Kluex

    Just a quickfix there.
    I was so tired last night that I completly forgot to include the avians as allowed to play with this ship (In my mind, I was still thinking that there were only 6 races in starbound ><), now its repaired.
    Thanks for all your reviews, this simple ship project have acquired a greater visibility that I would have expected while posting it for the first time on the forums ^^
    PS: oh, and before I forget, I left a small corner in the fore part of the ship, just where the...
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  4. Extending the design...

    Hello there,
    its been a long time since I was able to work a bit on this mod, starbound have also progressed a lot, and 1.0 is maybe a few month ahead ^^
    Anyway; here is a small description of what have changed:

    - Even if this ship is clearly human oriented, I decided to open it to other vanilla races, due to the recent lore clues on a multiracial terrene protectorate in nightly builds (if not already released, I havent played a lot these times). A well armed military frigate would probably...
  5. Minor fix for the last tiers.

    After a report from @Wedge_Antilles of a problem with the objects displayed in the ship, not appearing normally once upgrading to tiers 6 and beyond (all the objects not in the default blockkey.config .patch in fact).
    The little and stupid syntax error in the lasts shiptierx.structure files is now fixed, and all item should appear normally.
    If you are already at the deficient tiers, replace your mod folder by this last one, and just use this few manipulations to get the correct upgrade.
  6. Little fix of the stern design...

    I still have a lot of work to do at the university, thats why I havent got a lot of time to make significant progresses on the tiering update.
    - I have slightly increased the height of the greenhouses below the ship. Now you should normaly be able to grow plant on tow levels. The greenhouses are now more coherent with the overall design. I also added another rapid fire ship machine gun on the stern part to equilibrate this part of the design.

    If you got any problem/suggestion/something I...
  7. Enhanced shape and background construction.

    I have been very busy with university work last weeks, sorry if I took some time to make this litlle update of the ship. Here are some new features.
    -Now you can place block in the background, almost everywhere in the ship. Be carefull then when you would like to place objects on the wall, blocks will be always needed in the background...thats why I'm hoping to make a viable way to place "invisible" blocks to keep the background design without being forced to make a background behing blocks...
  8. Fixing the design...again.

    Another small update...yes.
    I actually made a mistake in the last build, and forget to remove some white pixels around the ship. One of the "warp rudders" was also affected when I changed the litfile, turning dark...I'm currently working on the wrecked version.
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  9. Alignement fix and Fuelhatch update...

    Just a minor update of the design in appearance, I also (almost) removed the 1 pixel shift on the forepart of the ship. I also changed the transparency of some of the windows (and some holographic objects), moved some reactors to fit correctly with the booster flamme alignement.
    Important: Now, the functionnal fuel hatch is available once Tier 2 reached, by a request of MrChow.
  10. Welcome aboard, Novakids ...

    Just found a way to add the ship for the other races, not difficult at all in fact, I added a quick tutorial in the description on how to proceed to make it yourself for the moment.
    So I added the Novakids with a request from Stabbymcstabstab...
    Fixed some little design problems, like ones in the first greenhouse and cockpit.