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USS Polaris (Tiered USCM deep-space Frigate) beta 1.7.1 (+ mod)

A large military frigate for people willing to play human and nomadic lifestyle...

  1. Some frigate related stuff, minor fixes and a mod to move essential ship parts...

    Hello again;

    Please read; its quite important:

    This beta version 1.7.1 is a bit special because it also include an old mod than havent been updated officially by its author (@Mikablu ) but is still functionnal, that I find extremly usefull; I'm using it all the time), as the supplemental zoom levels.
    Also, to install it, do not just unzip it in the mod folder, but instead copy the two folders you will find in the unzipped folder and copy thoses to the starbound mod folder you could find normally with this adress:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods

    I'm not forcing you to use it, but if you want to move and replace the default racial ship parts with the new stuff using the following commands, its quite mandatory (only for the moment, i'm working on proper recipes).
    I'm on my way to fix the current problem; I have got to make the new stuff available directly spawned with tiers updating (multiple JSON errors popping from everyhere, I'm wondering If I should give up patching and make a whole new blockkey file for every races at the moment).
    But I though it would also be nice to let you choose between the possibility of having your default racial ship stuff and the new one (only the uscm teleporter is still not available, some problem to be fixed here).
    The stuff is mostly a redesign of human part, matched with some other stuff to fit the blueish color chart of the ship.
    Here are the commands to type in the chat one after one if you want an exemplary of all available stuff:

    /spawnitem USCMTechStationTier0 1
    /spawnitem USCMTechStation 1
    /spawnitem USCMShipLocker 1
    /spawnitem USCMShipLockerTier0 1
    /spawnitem USCMShipDoor 1
    /spawnitem USCMShipDoorBroken 1
    /spawnitem USCMfuelhatch 1
    /spawnitem BrokenUSCMfuelhatch 1

    ...and a last "/admin" to leave admin mode, wich make you in god mode/ invulnerable state etc...

    Warning: Be extremly carefull, NEVER place in the same ship world two techstation that dispaly S.A.I.L on walls at the same time or your ship will automaticly crash !
    But dont worry, its not a permanent crash, the save will come back at the state before placing the secondary techstation once relaunching the game...

    Notice that its not true for fuel hatches, ship locker, captain chairs etc...You can have several of those items placed in your ship without problem...
    the only others changes is some cleanup in the blockimages files; and the fact that all default racial doors, except two have been replaced with the uscm frigate default doors. Its still a creative version, nothing is really tiered or locked.
    Also make sure to have the tech station and one ship locker at their original position to avoid the ship to refresh and trigger the crash while changing the tier; same for the early tiers, wait at leats that your shipped is stopped in orbit to make change, its safer...

    Its an experimental upate; better use the previous one if are really not familiar with commands etc... a full one will come soon.
    Please report any bugs, problems etc in the dedicated mod thread.

    I also currently noticed that some thruster cant be displayed while upgrading for floran, avians, hylotl, glitch...I guess its because of their special thrusters. I have to look there...

    PS: by advance sorry for my approximative english.
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