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Uros IV (RAM's version) V 4.0

A ship that's a small, domed world.

  1. v3.3

    In this version I mostly worked out problem areas in the mod. The design is basically the same as the previous version, but simpler with less rain and more light sources in the form of wild rain maker plants. These plants are destructible and harvestable and will drop rain makers. Also, I made both the rain makers and their wild plants unique for each race. I also fixed the Floran ship by replacing the now defunct hive block. Thanks to TAImatem for that bug report!

    I really appreciate all...
  2. v3.3 More fixes and details

    I cleaned up the small base ship a little. I didn't like how I implemented the artificial weather, so I redid it a little. I liked how the "rain trees" looked, so I went in and made more of them while removing a lot of the previously placed weather objects. I made a lot of small changes as well to make everything look worth exploring. There's still one flat desert stretch that I decided to leave alone.
  3. Quick bug fix!

    Fixed an incorrect reference in the Avian ship, where it was referencing the rain object found in the apex version of the ship.

    Consider downloading this if you're using the Avian version of this mod.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Nothing else has been changed.
  4. v3.2 Rain!

    I went through and changed the later tiers to make them a little more interesting. I made the glass clear on the early ship and fixed a small graphics bug that was bothering me.

    I added artificial rain in the form of small hanging objects that drip water. They can be removed and replaced if you want to change how much rain you're getting. The lake now slowly fills with water. There's a nice swampy area on the last tier. I left the desert areas to have no rain.

    If you're updating this mod...
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  5. Fixed

    Fixed the broken Novakid and Avali ships.
  6. New version for 1.0

    Besides optimizing Uros IV for 1.0 I also went ahead and made the ship much, much bigger. This is the 3rd version of my attempt at making Alsehr's Uros IV into a giant tiered monstrosity. I feel good about this one. At the last tier the ship is so big that it loops into itself, creating a kind of ringworld ship!

    I've only done extensive testing on the human ship so far, so if you find something wrong with any of the other ships that I might have missed please let me know.
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  7. Avali ship fix

    I updated the Avali ship to reflect the design changes in version 2.7. The Avali ship is now included as a ship in the main download. I tested it on the stable build. Thanks again to Ancev for editing it for use with the Avali.

    If you don't use the Avali race then you don't need to update.
  8. Breakable ship objects!

    I made all of the objects breakable. I also changed the location of the teleport slightly. The teleport is the only object that is not breakable. I also made a fully functional fuel station from the start, as the broken versions were giving me trouble. Be careful not to lose any of your ship opjects. As always, I'd recommend using this update with a new character only.
  9. Apex fix!

    I fixed the Apex ship and starter items. Thanks to Ancev Caine for pointing that out. Updating to this version shouldn't effect your current apex ship.
  10. Optimization!

    Backgrounds no longer pops back each time the ship updates. Optimized the images. The shipworld should load a bit faster. Thanks to bk3k for all the great optimization advice.

    As always, I would advise this ship be used with a new character, just to be safe.
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