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Uros IV (RAM's version) V 4.0

A ship that's a small, domed world.

  1. Ship redesign

    Warning: Do not download this as an update to the mod. This is a new version of the Uros IV ship and only playable with a new character.

    I went through and redesigned the Uros IV ship with a larger underground area and a smaller sky area. I added a new object to light up the underground with an eerie green glowing fog. I also added a few strange and mysterious secrets to explore.
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  2. 1.4 update fix!

    Compatibility fix for the 1.4 update.

    The new update has done away with increasing your max fuel per upgrade, so this mod now does the same with a max fuel of 1000 across the board.
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  3. v3.7

    Let's try uploading this version again.
  4. v3.7 Some improvements and fixes!

    This update brings a few changes, though the overall design is basically the same. I found through more thorough testing that there's a height limit, so I lowered the height on the T-7 and T-8 ships to reflect that. While I was at it, I added a few more interesting things to discover, I tweaked a few things to my liking and I made the initial ship area a bit more snug by adding wood around it.
  5. V3.6

    Changed some of the more ugly rain plants. They still could probably use some work. Made it so the rain plants now turn off their lights in addition to their rain when wired up and deactivated.

    I also added an Avikan ship replacer for the Elithian Races Mod. It's very basic, but I tried to keep with the style I picture for them.
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  6. v3.5 - FU compatability

    A quick update for compatibility with FU's new ship upgrade system. Don't worry, this version will still work even if you don't use FU. The only thing it changes is that it reloads all of the meterial and objects when the ship is initially fixed.
  7. v3.5 fix

    Bug fixes! Many of the treasure pool references were wrong. Got it fixed!
  8. V.3.5 Avikan racial ship replacer!

    Added an addon for Aegonian's Elithian Races Mod to replace the Avikan ship with this one.
  9. Hylotl ship fix

    There was an error in the Hylotl ship. Looks like there was a missing quotation mark causing problems. Fixed.
  10. 3.4

    I put it the ship mods back into a pak format for ease of use. I also fixed a small bug where the wild rainmaker plants were dropping only the human rain makers when smashed. Now, they'll drop their correct rainmaker objects.