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Unused ores restoration mod 1.0

Reintroduces unused ores from the beta with recipes.

  1. Wiranum
    This mod works on 1.3.3 version of Starbound all the way to 1.4.1

    This mod restores some of the unused ores that existed in the beta. Recipes, functions and tweaks are added for the compatibility. Makes your mining experience more enjoyable.

    === What this mod does ===

    This mod adds 4 ores to the game that can be mined and found on planets and moons, in containers, purchased from merchants or given as rewards. Restored ores are Platinum, Plutonium, Uranium and Moonstone ore.

    All ores can be refined for pixels except moonstone ore. New ores are shown in the navigation console. The Ore detector is recommanded to find the new ores. It works and will highlight them with their own colors.


    - Platinum ore is available on most planets, can be mined deep underground and on planet cores. It can be found in containers, purchased from the foundry merchant and ursa miner in the outpost.
    - Platinum is added to asteroids
    - New recipes added for Platinum : Platinum Bar, Platinum Pickaxe, Platinum Drill, Platinum Block.
    - Platinum armor is added as a generic tier 4 armor available on a replicator. It can also be purchased from merchants on tier 4+ planets like silver and gold armors.
    - Geodes can give Platinum samples (which were unused) with the same chances than getting other samples.


    - Uranium ore is available on all radioactive (tier 4) planets (Toxic, Alien and Jungle), can be mined anywhere underground and on planet cores. The deeper you go, the more you'll find. Containers on tier 4 planets can contain Uranium as well.
    - Uranium Ore works as fuel and can be crafted into rods that are more effective. (10 fuel per ore, 25 per rod)
    - Geodes can give Uranium samples (which were unused) with the same chances than getting other samples.


    - Plutonium ore can be found in moon cores and can be mined there.
    - It works as fuel and can be crafted into rods that are more effective. (40 fuel per ore, 100 per rod)
    - Geodes can give Plutonium samples (which were unused) with the same chances than getting other samples.

    Moonstone Ore

    - Moonstone Ore can be found on moons alongside Crystal Erchius fuel. It is sightly harder to mine but gives a bit more fuel.

    === Mod installation and removal ===

    This mod contains 4 .pak files (one per ore) grouped into a .zip archive file. To install the mod, unzip the archive and place the .pak files you want to use in your Starbound mods folder. You are free to choose the files you want to use and exclude, each file can work alone in case you don't want everything added at once.

    You must travel far from your actual position in the universe to see the new ores on planets and in the navigation console. Planets and stars already generated before installing the new ores won't contain them.

    To remove the mods, delete the .pak files you installed in your mods folder. Only the platinum armor is "new" by its own and must be deleted manually before uninstalling the mods. The rest of the resources already exists in the game.

    === Compatibility ===

    This mod will cause overlaps with any other mod that also changes the listed ores. For example in FU it will cause conflicts with fuel values (Plutonium ore giving 40 fuel in FU instead of less) and Telebrium on moons (used as moonstone ore in FU too, renamed "Moonstone Ore" by my mod). However Platinum taken separately works fine with FU.

    === Permissions ===

    You are free to use my mod for anything you want as long as you give credits to me.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. Container.png
    2. FTL Fuel.png
    3. Furnace.png
    4. Moonstone Ore Console.png
    5. Moonstone Ore.png
    6. Ore Detector 2.png
    7. Ore Detector.png
    8. Platinum Greaves Merchant.png
    9. Plutonium Ore.png
    10. Replicator Platinum.png
    11. Samples.png
    12. Uranium Console.png
    13. Uranium Ore.png

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    At last, this mod is great! by restoring minerals from old versions of the game.