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Universe+ 0.65

A mod that will gradually keep adding more and more items.

  1. theepicdragon976

    Feel free to add me on steam, my ID is Ev1lInc.


    Leave a comment telling me what you'd like to see in the mod, and I'll do my best to get it in!

    Currently in mod:

    Crafting Stations:
    - Resource Table T1 (Crafted at Wooden Crafting Table)
    - Resource Table T2 (Crafted at Resource Table T1)
    - Resource Table T3 (Crafted at Resource Table T2)
    - Resource Table T4 (Crafted at Resource Table T3)
    - Resource Table T5 (Crafted at Resource Table T4)
    - Resource Table T6 (Crafted at Resource Table T5)
    - Resource Table T7 (Crafted at Resource Table T6)
    - Evil Furnace (Crafted at Metalwork Station)
    - Godly Furnace (Crafted at Metalwork Station)
    - Etherenite Furnace (Crafted at Resource Table T6)
    - Tech Furnace (Crafted at Resource Table T7)

    - EDIT: New tiers of furnaces can craft more bars. Same with the higher tier crafting tables.

    Blocks: (WIP)
    - Water Block
    - Erchius Block
    - Poison Block
    - Core Block
    - Lava Block

    Materials: (Can craft the bars from any furnace!)
    - Coal Bar
    - Water Bar
    - Erchius Bar
    - Slime Bar
    - Bone Bar
    - Poison Bar
    - Core Bar
    - Lava Bar
    - Plasma Bar
    - Space Bar
    - Blackbar
    - Yascalt Bar
    - Yascalt Ore (A little better than Iron, common everywhere.)
    - Quartz Bar
    - Quartz Ore (Better than lava or core items, only found at the core layer and layer 3.)
    - Ice Bar
    - Evil Gem (Commonly found deep in moons.)
    - Godly Gem (Rarely found deep in moons.)
    - Etherenite Bar
    - Etherenite Ore
    - Tech Bar

    - Fossil Ore (Drops 1 bone)

    Tools: (All tools can be crafted from basic inventory crafting)
    - Coal Pickaxe
    - Water Pickaxe
    - Erchius Pickaxe
    - Slime Pickaxe
    - Bone Pickaxe
    - Poison Pickaxe
    - Core Pickaxe
    - Lava Pickaxe
    - Plasma Pickaxe
    - Space Pickaxe
    - Black Pickaxe
    - Yascalt Pickaxe
    - Quartz Pickaxe
    - Ice Pickaxe

    - Water Broadsword
    - Erchius Broadsword
    - Poison Broadsword
    - Lava Broadsword
    - Plasma Broadsword
    - Space Broadsword
    - Black Broadsword
    - Water Bomb
    - Erchius Bomb
    - Poison Bomb
    - Water Dagger
    - Erchius Dagger
    - Poison Dagger

    - Crafting Recipe (Found in technology chests, which are easily found in ocean biomes)

    If you wish to redistribute this mod after alteration, please ask first.
    If you wish to include this in a modpack compilation, go right ahead! Just mention me!

    Unpack the "Universe+" Folder and place into "starbound > giraffe_storage > mods".

    Will Add:
    - More Weapons
    - More Crafting Stations
    - Hopefully compatability with Frackin Universe.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. coalbar.png
    2. waterbar.png
    3. erchiusbar.png
    4. slimebar.png
    5. bonebar.png
    6. poisonbar.png
    7. corebar.png
    8. lavabar.png
    9. plasmabar.png
    10. spacebar.png
    11. blackbar.png
    12. icebar.png
    13. yascaltore.png
    14. yascaltbar.png
    15. quartzore.png
    16. quartzbar.png
    17. evilgem.png
    18. godlygem.png
    19. etherenitebar.png
    20. ethereniteore.png
    21. techbar.png

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed player.config
  2. 0.6
  3. Version 0.5

Recent Reviews

  1. The mighty L
    The mighty L
    Version: 0.4
    Great Mod! I love it!
    1. theepicdragon976
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear it! Anything you'd like to see in it?
  2. fabialvarado10
    Version: 0.4
    1. theepicdragon976
  3. Dat Nub Scrub 2500
    Dat Nub Scrub 2500
    Version: 0.3
    Not Bad mod dood
    but can u add more stuff in the mod? i would love that
    but nice mod tho!
    1. theepicdragon976
      Author's Response
      Anything you would like in the mod?