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Universal Crafting OUTDATED

13 New crafting tables, 480+ new craftable items.

  1. apinanaivot
    Universal Crafting
    This mod adds a Crafting table station where you can craft new crafting tables, shops and web stores. Also this mod includes many new items and recipes for many materials.

    List of new crafting tables
    • Apex-Cola truck
    Buy the famous Apex-Cola in three different flavours!
    • Clothing store
    Buy clothing from the universal clothing web store. Includes over 150 different clothing pieces.
    • Crafting table station
    Craft all the other crafting stations
    • Easel
    Paint paintings to put on your wall. Includes 30+ paintings.
    • Stim Pack Store
    Buy all the existing stim packs and 4 new ones.
    • Tool crafting table
    Craft normally unobtainable tools and higher tier pickaxes.
    • Big Ape Furniture store
    Decorate your home with Apex-themed furniture. Comes with 70+ furniture pieces
    • Material crafting station
    Craft materials that are needed in some of the recipes in this mod.
    • Tile construction table
    Craft blocks to build your house. 100+ craftable blocks
    • Furniture Crafting Table
    Craft unique furniture.
    • Alien Crafting table
    Craft alien themed items and objects.
    • Alpine Crafting table
    Craft items from cobblestone.
    • Bioluminscence Crafting Table
    Craft glowing plant decorations.

    Pictures of some of the crafting stations


    HD version of apex cola logo here
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. apexcola.png
    2. apexcolatruck.png
    3. apexcolazero.png
    4. clothstore.png
    5. craftingtablestation.png
    6. easel.png
    7. furniturestore.png
    8. gunstore.png
    9. magmabed.png
    10. magmacraftingtable.png
    11. magmasword.png
    12. Materialcraftingstation.png
    13. obsidiansword.png
    14. minigun.png
    15. tileconstructiontable.png
    16. weaponstore.png
    17. Terrariapaint.PNG

Recent Reviews

  1. Utkudakid
    Version: 2.9 (Glad Giraffe)
    Please add a Reef Cola ship!
  2. Sir Wilfrey
    Sir Wilfrey
    Version: 2.3 (Glad Giraffe)
    The last thing I saw in the download process was "Minigun". That's all I needed to hear.
  3. maronilink
    Version: 2.1 (Glad Giraffe)
  4. Snowpup
    Version: 1.6 (Upbeat GIraffe)
    Nice. You've got a JSON issue on your magmatiles.material however. I've fixed it (and associated item) and will post the fixed JSON in the thread.
  5. Hibob42
    Version: 1.6 (Upbeat GIraffe)
    Finally, something to put in my crafting room! Craft all the things!
    1. apinanaivot
  6. Maxiplayer
    Version: 1.3 (Upbeat giraffe)
    Out standing, good job
  7. AlexQuinn13
    Version: 1.0 (Upbeat giraffe)
    Really cute idea. Will try it out and see what fun things I can make! Great work!
    1. apinanaivot
      Author's Response
      Thank you a lot!
  8. Felipe Dough
    Felipe Dough
    Version: 1.0 (Upbeat giraffe)
    1. apinanaivot
      Author's Response
      Thank you