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United Systems Expansion v4.2 "Final Woes"

Hostility and Peace

  1. v4.2 "Final Woes" - A fix to the deleted v4 mod file

    It really has been an entire year since Galaxy in Conflict was announced quietly as the successor to US.E.

    V4.2 includes some very minor fixes I did a long while ago, but many issues are still present, like some microdungeons causing crashes or in general the highly inconsistent quality of the mod.

    The remake is undergoing a very turbulent development, with only 2 active devs at this moment and an auxiliary writer on our team for story support. Release of the remake at its earliest may be...
  2. v4.00 "Ultimatum" update.

    See Steam update logs.

    This is a major update to the missions and some other stuff.

    This was a do-or-die update. Probably the last update for a long while (2 months at most). There were supposed to be more vehicles but time constraints and deadlines happened.
  3. I accidentally placed one of my sound files as the download link

    I was about to fall asleep it was like 2 in the morning when I posted it.

    Correct mod file is there now.
  4. v3.92-B

    Blah blah yeah the update logs on Steam.
  5. v3.92 "Heroes & Hunters"

    As usual, read the steam update logs for detail.
  6. v3.85 19.07.18 "Rebirth"

    Refer to the steam update logs for the changelog.

    Anyways I got the date wrong on the last update. It was supposed to be 06.
  7. v3.82 29.07.18 Patch A

    - Corrected a headline for ENP16 of the Hylotl Peace Initiative displaying.
  8. v3.82 28.07.18 "Rebirth"

    Refer to the steam update logs.
  9. v3.80 20.06.18 Patch A

    Read steam change log for more information.
  10. Version 3.75 06.06.2018 Patch E.1 "More adjustments"

    See the steam change log for the previous patches A-D.