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United Systems Expansion v4.2 "Final Woes"

Hostility and Peace

  1. soldierfast90
    The effort required to maintain and update the steam description and convert it for reading in the Chucklefish forums is too much for me to maintain with the work currently undergoing with the mod. Please refer to the steam mod page for information regarding what this mod as and be aware that the Chucklefish Forums version will always be a month behind in terms of updates.

    *No incompatibilities with any mod. Mod is unsupported, and will not receive fixes or updates.

    Do not attempt to downgrade US.E versions.

    1. Locate .pak file.
    2. Locate Starbound Mods Folder
    3. Drag .pak file into mods folder.
    4. Load the game.
    5. The mod has now taken effect.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. ue_mecharm.png
    2. ue_firstassault.jpg
    3. ue_prison2.jpg
    4. ue_tenant.jpg
    5. weapontable.jpg
    6. ue_heliattack.png
    7. thumbupdate380.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. ExtremeLanding
    Version: v4.00 "Ultimatum"
    Excellent, but I wonder if this mod has a wiki because something still confuse me a lot.
  2. Maxmilian99
    Version: v4.00 "Ultimatum"
    The mod is good, the story is good, hell, I also like the aestethics... sadly, it's really unbalanced... weapons too strong, enemy npcs too tough, etc... ruins the experience, especially at low level planets... a rebalance would be better, but for now, I think I should stay away for a bit...
    1. soldierfast90
      Author's Response
      Definitely. The state it's in right now is pretty sucky.
  3. Ryan701
    Version: v4.00 "Ultimatum"
    Mod Is Perfect,Awesome,and Great!

    but i kinda bored with the mod since the enemies are pretty hard to kill and very easy to kill me so.

    is it safe to uninstall this mod or no?

    (sorry for bad english im was born in Indonesia)
    1. soldierfast90
  4. Pitro
    Version: v4.00 "Ultimatum"
    Why i cant drive the vehicles
  5. Thorir
    Version: v4.00 "Ultimatum"
    nice mod! guives you a diferent perspective of the game.

    and allso the songs are epic, its any posibilities to get the ost?
    1. soldierfast90
      Author's Response
      It's on the steam page in the discussion section in the "Credits" thread.
  6. Twinky
    Version: v3.92-B2 Reupload
    Very complete mod, excellent in so much aspects.
  7. Maxmilian99
    Version: v3.82 29.07.18 Patch A
    I like the mods... Only problem is that some of the weapons, especially assault rifles, consumes a HUGE amount of energy compared to the in game guns at the same tier...
    1. soldierfast90
      Author's Response
      So the huge damage bonus, accuracy or defense-ignoring armor piercing isn't enough apparently.
  8. llya969
    Version: Version 3.75 29.05.20
    Я не могу попасть в 4 часть 2 миссии я просто появляюсь на своем корабль. Что ме делать!!!!
  9. Ickura
    Version: 3.49 12.2.2018
    Love the story and missions. Cant wait for more storylines.
  10. ianpb
    Version: 3.49 12.2.2018
    I love it and all that but...what's the file name for the swastika banner? I tried to spawnitem with it but i don't know what's the filename.
    1. soldierfast90
      Author's Response
      I'll try to say it in phonetic because I fear I'll get banned for even saying the full item id name.

      Uniform Echo underscore November Alpha Zulu India Bravo Alpha November November Echo Romeo underscore Papa Lima Alpha Yankee Echo Romeo.