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United Systems Expansion: Planets v1.41

Adding some cool planets, then some boring yet ironic ones.

  1. soldierfast90
    Requires the base mod "United Systems Expansion" otherwise this mod will not work and may potentially crash your universe. Use the Chucklefish version mods with other Chucklefish version mods only.

    The US.E Planets addon adds in 11 planets of varying usefulness. Based on realistic depictions, it aims to fill in the ironic gap of nobody making the most common, boring planets of the universe.

    The planet-unique dungeons that will spawn in are part of the US.E story and an entire set of lore is located on these planets (location context). As well as lore, there also includes trading mechanics and weapons only obtainable by special gun dealers. Other benefits is the relative safety of real, barren worlds which are ripe for stripmining.


    Barren Planets - Lifeless, desolate rocks flying through the endless void. Comes in 4 varieties and is a realistic depiction of true Barren Planets with no real purpose other than for mining. Colonies may also exist, which include the bulk of content.

    Wartorn World - A contested planet between the Loyalists and Rebels. Once a thriving industrial city planet now reduced to rubble. The planet is full of soldiers but ripe for looting, providing a good way to earn money via constant combat.

    Frosted Planet - A habitable planet undergoing some sort of Ice Age. Signs of life are rare and massive storms can sweep the surface. Nothing more than a frozen wasteland where only the hardiest of people remain.

    Tomb World - A planet for the dead. Tombs litter the planet surface and the remains of the deceased are all too common here.

    Colonized Lush World - An Earth-like planet with an atmosphere suitable for almost all life. The same as a Garden planet but with unique "hunted by day" mechanics and a lights during the night. Unlike CityBound, the planet is Tier 6 with various enemies actively hunting the player during the day.

    Civilized World - Same as Colonized Lush, except it's more barren, Tier 1 and noone is actively hunting you.

    Infested Planet - Infested by the Ruin Remnants, nothing here is of use other than the constant orbital bombardment from various ships.

    Dense Planet - A planet filled with extreme volcanic activity as well as extreme pressure, acidic weather and vaporizing heat. Rather than of being any actual use, it exists purely for the same reason they exist in reality.

    TrueSpace compatible!

    Quick FaQ

    Q: This mod seems awfully small.
    A: Because all this does is activate the spawning for planets. The actual bulk of content is in the main mod. This is done so players have a choice whether they want to use the base mod as is or with this addon.

    Q: The planets aren't spawning!
    A: You need to travel to purely new star systems for them to generate.

    Q: When I make a new character it take a long time to find a starting world.
    A: This mod adds the planets to nearly every tier's spawnpool (including T1) so chances of finding a normal garden world is small. This is just how generation and maths works. If you don't believe me then scroll down to my explanation on how maths works.

    Q: If you know that adding these planets into T1 will increase loading times, why do it?
    A: I'm not going to restrict my immersion and realism because some people don't understand what chance is. If you want to generate and play faster, generate a universe normally THEN install this mod so that newly generated systems spawn with the custom planets.

    Q: This is incompatible with Frackin Universe!
    A: No it's not.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. allpreview.png
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Recent Updates

  1. v1.41 Sync Update
  2. v1.4
  3. Version 1.3

Recent Reviews

  1. ZeckArtCZ
    Version: v1.41
    These planets are what Starbound's been missing. The universe is at war, constantly, and yet you are able to find peace and silence here and there. Amazing!