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Outdated United Systems Enhancement [0.25]

New dungeon, weapons, armors, furniture, craftable guns and even more.

  1. Crafting Update [0.2 -> 0.25]

    Hi everyone!
    This update was pretty damn challenging. I had to do over 100 new files, and that was only for crafting. But hey, nobody said it'll be easy, right?


    - Crafting system:
    Completely new crafting stations:
    USCM Equipment Panel and USCM Old Gear Market

    [​IMG] [​IMG]...​
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  2. Fixing update

    A little update, fixing some not working things.
    Also, I finally ordered the main page of the mod.

    And... that's all. Not much to say.
  3. Weaponry Update [0.15 -> 0.2]

    Hi folks!

    It was some time after the last update. Unfortunately, this one is not very big. Lack of time.
    However, it's the end of the first step. Adds pretty much everything what i wanted for the first phase of the mod.

    - 4 new weapon types: Pulse Pistol, Heavy Pulse Rifle, Pulse Grenade Launcher and first melee weapon: The Pulse Rifle with bayonet....
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  4. A little fixing update.

    I just realized that by accident I have put a little outdated version last time.
    Yep, a little fail.

    So, here's the fix.

    Adding some missing frames for Colony Guard armor, missing descriptions for furniture, missing loot at the clinic, fixing rare bug, when colony is supposed to spawn, but don't do it, and other minor things.

    Meanwhile I have done like 25% of the next update. Still however haven't figured out how to spawn microdungeons, which kinda sucks. If anyone have a clue how to...
  5. Small Medical Update [0.1->0.15]

    Hi all!

    I had some unexpected free time in last days, so I made some new thingies.
    Here's the changelog:

    - Added clinic in the Colony - You can buy there some medical stuff, not cheap however!


    - Added 3 new higher-tier medical items.
    (USCM med kit, USCM stim and Modified Stim Pack)

    - New armor! Colonial guards now have thier own, brand new Colony Guard Armor (Duh!)
    You can also get it, but you'll have to buy it from...