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Outdated United Systems Enhancement [0.25]

New dungeon, weapons, armors, furniture, craftable guns and even more.

  1. Weaponry Update [0.15 -> 0.2]

    Hi folks!

    It was some time after the last update. Unfortunately, this one is not very big. Lack of time.
    However, it's the end of the first step. Adds pretty much everything what i wanted for the first phase of the mod.

    - 4 new weapon types: Pulse Pistol, Heavy Pulse Rifle, Pulse Grenade Launcher and first melee weapon: The Pulse Rifle with bayonet.


    - Colony Guard spawner. Not much to say. Spawn your own Colony Guard!


    - First colony-related microdungeons. More on the way!


    - Merged some basic files for better compatibility.
    - Changed tiles ID, also for better compatibility with other mods. If you have any tiles from last versions, better remove them or game will crash.

    In the next update

    Next update will be aimed more in functionality. For now, everything was possible to get only in the Colony. Time to change that. Get ready for crafting!
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