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Outdated United Systems Enhancement [0.25]

New dungeon, weapons, armors, furniture, craftable guns and even more.

  1. Small Medical Update [0.1->0.15]

    Hi all!

    I had some unexpected free time in last days, so I made some new thingies.
    Here's the changelog:

    - Added clinic in the Colony - You can buy there some medical stuff, not cheap however!


    - Added 3 new higher-tier medical items.
    (USCM med kit, USCM stim and Modified Stim Pack)

    - New armor! Colonial guards now have thier own, brand new Colony Guard Armor (Duh!)
    You can also get it, but you'll have to buy it from gun merchant!

    (Ignore the white dots, they are from image, not in-game :F)

    - Added more variety of colony buildings.

    - Bunch of new medical furniture.

    - Fixed and upgraded some things.

    - Removed metal blocks, which were colony outside flooring, for test if it looks better.

    In the next update, I'll try to figure out how to add microdungeons. Also, prepare for bunch of guns, and (probably) first melees.

    Stay tuned!
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