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Undertale Music Pack Version 1.0.2

Music from the game Undertale to fill you with Determination.

  1. Version 1.0.2

    Updated for Starbound 1.0, should work now. :)

    Also available on the Steam Workshop!
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  2. Version 1.0

    Hey guys! It's been quite a while since the last update, but there was some final tracks I wanted to get included before releasing this version that I'm happy to consider Version 1.0.

    As such, the pack has now been converted into a modpak, so this version and any extras going forward will need to be placed in the mod folder rather than the user/songs directory!

    Hope you all enjoy, and stay determined!

    5 New Songs

    "Save the World" (Solo)
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  3. Version 0.14

    11 New Songs

    "Menu Full" (Band)
    "Good Night"
    "Danger Mystery"
    "Final Power"
    "Wrong Number Song"
    "Trouble Dingle"
    "Sigh of Dog"
    "Enemy Approaching" (Solo)
    "Bonetrousle Remix" (Band)
  4. Version 0.13

    13 New Songs

    "SAVE the World" (Band)
    "Don't Give Up" (Band)
    "Dating Start!"
    "Oh! Dungeon"
    "CORE Approach"
    "Bring it in Guys!"
    "But the Earth Refused to Die"
    "Room of Dog"
    "Unnecessary Tension"
    "She's Playing Piano"
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  5. Version 0.12

    7 New Songs

    "Here we Are"
    "Dating Fight!"
    "Dating Tense!"
    "Death Report"
    "Last Goodbye"
    "Dance of Dog"
    "Spider Dance RMX" (Band)

    1 Revised Songs

    "Hopes & Dreams" (Band)
  6. Version 0.11

    5 New Songs

    "Live Report"
    "Stronger Monsters"
    "Megalovania RMX" (Band)
    "An Ending"
    "Run!" (Band)

    1 Replaced Song
  7. Version 0.10

    9 New Songs

    "Hotel" [Band]
    "Hopes and Dreams" [Alt Version]
    "Death by Glamour" [Band]
    "Uwa!! So Temperate"
    "Start Menu"
    "Power of NEO" [Band]

    "Dark, Darker, Yet Darker"
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  8. Version 0.9

    7 New Songs

    "It's Showtime!"
    "Song that might play when you fight Sans"
    "Wrong Enemy"
    "Pathetic House"
    "Your Best Nightmare" (Band)
  9. Version 0.8

    3 New Songs

    "Metal Crusher"
    "Death by Glamour"
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  10. Version 0.7

    4 New Songs

    "Bird That Carries You..."
    "Piano Medley"
    "Megalovania (Band)"

    1 Updated Song
    "Megalovania (Solo)" (Formally WiP)
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