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Outdated Underground Chocolate Biome Techest fix

An underground spawning biome made completely of chocolate!

  1. Techchest fix

    Fixed the techchest.

    Took ages to test because first I had to find a chocolate biome, which is reallyto find, compared to other biomes for some reason.
    And then ontop of that I had to find a tech chest in one hehe.

    But yeah it's fixed now! Rejoice! (goddamn it chucklefish stop renaming things.)
  2. fix for real this time

    Okay so it didn't upload before for some reason so lets try this again.
  3. "category": "materials", fix

    Small fix, it should hopefully work now with all you getting errors. If it doesn't, post your starbound.log to me please.
  4. Upbeat Giraffe Patch

    - Now completely compatible with other biome mods! (yay)
    - Removed Mocha plant. (confilct)
    - Removed Mocha drink (confilct)
    - Swapped the Liquid chocolate's slow effect with the Tarslow (I'm going to eventually replace it with something called 'sticky'.)
    - Added milk to the biome. (or I tried to, I haven't seen it appear yet, so I might only be able to have one liquid per Biome)
    - Hard Chocolate is slightly easier to break.
    - Easter Bunny spawner now crafted with Chocolate Eggs.
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  5. Underground Chocolate Biome

    Easter Update! Woo!

    Starting a new character will now prompt you with a second quest which will reward you with a very special Easter item! ( Don't worry, you can craft it as well for a certain amount of pixels, for those of you who don't want to start a new character. Though you may have to find the biome on a new world. )
    - A special new NPC which can be spawned and traded with.
    - Chocolate eggs in the Biome can...
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