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Outdated Underground Chocolate Biome Techest fix

An underground spawning biome made completely of chocolate!

  1. Upbeat Giraffe Patch

    - Now completely compatible with other biome mods! (yay)
    - Removed Mocha plant. (confilct)
    - Removed Mocha drink (confilct)
    - Swapped the Liquid chocolate's slow effect with the Tarslow (I'm going to eventually replace it with something called 'sticky'.)
    - Added milk to the biome. (or I tried to, I haven't seen it appear yet, so I might only be able to have one liquid per Biome)
    - Hard Chocolate is slightly easier to break.
    - Easter Bunny spawner now crafted with Chocolate Eggs.
    - Edited quest text slightly to hint at where the biome can be found.

    Upcoming changes:
    - Addition of another biome specific crop.
    - Biome specific microdungeons.
    - Liquid chocolate re-texture, to give it a thicker look.
    - Sticky effect added to liquid chocolate. Makes you move slowly along the ground, and slide down walls slowly when against them.
    - (hopefully) A biome specific mob.
    - Re-balancing all the consumables, and with any luck, adding a few more.

    Please report any bugs if you find them! or even just things that seem a bit off, report anything really. Thanks, and enjoy!
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