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Outdated Underground Chocolate Biome Techest fix

An underground spawning biome made completely of chocolate!

  1. DoomFire
    I have stopped working on this mod, so if anyone's interested, they're very welcome to edit this and/or redistribute it however they like, all I ask is that if you give me a little credit, and definitely LunaOculi credit for all the amazing art she did!

    Thank you!

    ALSO E253MechaShadow made a fix for Pleased Giraffe! Use this link to download it. http://www.filedropper.com/undergroundchocolatebiomepgsbugfix

    Chocolate biome!

    This mod adds a biome that spawns underground, similarly to underground flesh and slime biomes.
    There are three different types of chocolate that can be crafted into different furniture, blocks, food and drinks!


    A harvest-able crop which produces coffee beans, used in multiple drinks.

    Easter Update!
    Lots of new Easter related items have been added! Have fun!

    - 7 new material blocks.
    - A harvestable 'Mocha' plant which produces coffee beans.
    - 11 pieces of craftable chocolate furniture. Blueprints found within chests generated in the biome. This includes 6 chocolate race statues.
    - 12 craftable consumables, as well as hot chocolate to keep you warm on winter planets, and coffee with added sugar!
    - 2 (mostly) decorative hats found in randomly generated chests!

    - A special new NPC which can be spawned and traded with.
    - Chocolate eggs in the Biome can now be harvested and used in trading with the special NPC! ( You will have to go to a new world. )
    - 16 new object types! (Chocolate chess pieces, Easter themed decoration and more!)
    - 2 new Easter related vanity sets.
    - 2 Fun Easter themed Novelty weapons.

    To install this mod:
    - Download with the top right link.
    - Extract the folder into your Starbound mods folder. ( \Starbound\mods )
    - Worry not, for no deleting of your universe file will be necessary! Simply go to a previously unexplored world and you could find it!
    That's it! Have fun!

    Also, if you wish to uninstall the mod. Planets with chocolate biomes may need to be refreshed ( Deleted in your Universe folder. ) Otherwise they will become inaccessable. )
    Please keep that in mind when uninstalling, sorry again for any inconvenience.

    Please report any bugs you find. As I stated initially, this is my very first mod and I am sure there is something I missed. Thanks!
    Feedback and suggestions are also very welcome.

    ( Also, thank you to LunaOculi for drawing most of the sprites for the mod. You're great~ )

Recent Updates

  1. Techchest fix
  2. fix for real this time
  3. "category": "materials", fix

Recent Reviews

  1. denisolenison
    Version: Techest fix
    doesn't work with last update
  2. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: Techest fix

    5/5 :p
  3. shoucchi
    Version: Techest fix
    I love this mod, and I really want to give it 5 stars, but I've been having trouble placing the crafted items and the bunny spawner. I'm not sure why, but the outline of the obbjects won't appear, only the icon from your inventory when attempting to place them. I'd love it if you could find a way to fix it, I really want to build myself a chocolate wonderland full of cute bunnies... :)
  4. 暴走的南瓜
    Version: Techest fix
    WOW, this is delicous... I mean awesome. LOL
  5. Snip3rM00n
    Version: Techest fix
    This is an adorable mod and I love randomly finding chocolate biomes underground!

    Though, is that bunny-girl outfit included in the mod? I haven't been able to find it yet.
  6. MissMarifire
    Version: fix for real this time
    It's chocolate.

    Seriously though, thanks for updating the mod, I've always loved it. Breaks my heart to see a "chocolateless starbound", am I right? Only gripe I really have is that some of the pixel art's looks weird to the eyes, but I can set that aside to have LITERAL CHOCOLATE BIOMES.
  7. Spitfyre
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe Patch
    I don't know why I always passed over this mod, glad I got it now. I think we just need better planetside teleporters for UG and then making a nice choco cavern base will be awesome. :3
  8. genjiworks
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe Patch
    This is the most unique biome mod I want. My only issue is the color of the items need some contrast. So is sticks out more... I want my own Chocolate Factory. ((I hope someone can help you in thisd matter) Love the mod idea!
  9. boxtw
    Version: Easter Update
    like mod
  10. GiovanniGN
    Version: Easter Update
    My favourite mod!