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TSW Weapons 2.3.1 Small fixes

Weapons from The Secret World game

  1. 2.3.1 Small fixes

    Fixes mentioned by LegendXCarisso
  2. 2.3: Third Age Weapons

    -Third Age weapons are here!
    Thx goes to Simoon Gryphon for screenshots from The Secret World game.
    -You can craft them at Anima Station. You will find it at Occult Table.
    -Pure Anima Shard name changed to Anima Crystal.
    -Categories added to Occult Table.
    -Changes for Elementalism weapons: Demonic - Fire attack, Filth - Water attack, Orochi - Electric attack

    I think this mod is completed now.
    Hope you will like it :)


    1. 20170304173157_1.jpg
    2. 20170304173201_1.jpg
    3. 20170304173204_1.jpg
    4. 20170304173210_1.jpg
    5. 20170304173212_1.jpg
    6. 20170304173214_1.jpg
    7. 20170304173220_1.jpg
    8. 20170304173221_1.jpg
    9. 20170304173238_1.jpg
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  3. 2.2.2 Fixes

    Up to Steam version.
    Fixed The Trajector(chaos filth weapon) alt ability.
    Error was mentioned by: Dragon. Thx for info :)

    Fixed "physical" projectile error
  4. Jump to 2.2

    -Fixed muzzleflash for ranged weapons: rifles and shotguns.
    -Occult Table will no longer cast light. It has now glowing flame and crystal(visible in darkness).
    -Transmutaion Crystal has now glowing crystal.
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  5. 2.0 - Alt Abilities

    New alternative abilities for weapons! (except pistols, blood magic and fists)

    Giphs in description.

    Names: (names are taken from The Secret World game abilities)
    Elemental Magic: Elemental Force
    Hammers: Rupture
    Assault Rifles: Safety Off
    Shotguns: Where It Hurts
    Chaos Magic: Uneven Ground
    Swords: Destiny

    Use /admin command to buy them or spawn them.(also if you want to test them or cheat, whatever suits you)
    Weapon names: (for...
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  6. 1.9: Fists and hammers

    -New weapon types: Fists and Hammers.
    -As always in three themes: Demonic Realms, Orochi and The Outer Dark.
    -Legendary hammers alt abilities:
    -Demonic: casts fire wave.
    -Orochi: casts electric shield around your character.
    -The Outer Dark: casts pillar of poison.
    -Changed crafting to get Anima Shards:
    -Swords are now placed in recipe with fists and hammers.
    -You can get Shards by exchanging rare range, meelee or lvl 1 legendary magic weapons.
    riverofscorpions.png ...
  7. New Weapons, new things

    -Added missing electric type to Conviction pistol on all levels.
    - Fullbright for weapons, a.k.a. glowing pixels.
    fullbright_before.png fullbright_after.png
    fullbright_before2.png fullbright_after2.png

    -New magic weapons:

    Blood focus, chaos focus and elementalism focus.
    You can change them into 3 themed types.
    bloodfocus.png chaosfocus.png elementalismfocus.png

    Demon Realms:
    Despair of the Last Host, Silent Whispering and A Warlock's Dying Wish....
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  8. Small fix

    Small fix
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  9. Conviction pistol - fixes

    Added missing electric type to Conviction pistol on all levels.
  10. Progression update

    This update adds progression for weapons.

    You can upgrade rare weapons into legendary. But there is more! You can upgrade legendary weapons to max lvl 4. On lvl 4 they are Heroic.

    Also you can exchange demonic, orochi or corrupted rare weapons sets for tainted, techno or corrupted anima shards. Witch can be changed to pure anima shards. Shards will be used for future new weapon type.

    Updated mod description page :)