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TSW Weapons 2.3.1 Small fixes

Weapons from The Secret World game

  1. Tremerion
    I've created weapons from The Secret World game.(check it out!)
    (Requests: I take requests for weaponds and stuff.)

    Donation. Help me make more content for this mod and others.

    Avaiable on Steam.

    You can edit my mods for personal use

    Craft Occult Table at your Inventor's Table.
    occulttable.png occulttable_cost.png occulttable_menu.png
    You will find Transmutation Crystal.
    transcrystal.png transcrystal_cost.png transcrystal_menu.png
    Here you exchange x 5 Refined Aegisalt, Ferozium or Violium for:
    demonicmetal.png filth.png orochialloy.png
    Other resources:
    blackbullion.png animashard_corrupted.png animashard_orochi.png animashard_tainted.png animashard_pure.png
    Black Bullion: used to craft legendary weapons.
    Pure Anima Shards will be used in the future. But you can start gathering them now.

    You will discover weapons as you craft lower levels of them. Rare will give you legendary, legendary 1 will give you lvl 2 and so on. So you need to decide what weapon type road you will go. Or craft all if you have enough resources.

    The Hell Dimensions
    Lore Entry 5:
    "An ancient TV flashes white static and crackles in a cyclopean voice,
    The dying thermostat rattles and groans,
    The invisible stains in the streets spell out,

    Rare weapons:
    communionofpain.png misery.png shattereddream.png haemophage.png
    Rifle, shotgun and sword: x8 Demonic Metal, pistol x5.

    Legendary weapons lvl 1:
    crushedwill.png fearkiller.png ifritiandespoiler.png molochsblade.png
    Weapons require rare weapon and x2 Black Bullion.

    Orochi Group
    Lore Entry 3:
    "Have you ever had the eight-branched dream, sweetling?
    You cry a name to the heaves, "Yamata no Orochi" - the Eight-Forked-Gargantuan-Serpent. Eight heads and eight tales, its length extends over eight hills and eight valleys, eyes red like winter-cherries. Every year it devours your daughters. You pull out your hair. You look to the clouds and pray for a storm god. You pray that His-Swift-Impetuous-Male-Augustness will come and slay the Eight-Way-Wyrm.

    Awake. The television. A commercial for video games by Anansi software. A commercial for Faust Capital. A movie channel, a news network, a children's cartoon station - all under the QBL Media banner. The signal distills divinity into two gods: Stimulus and Response. Wakefulness has its degrees."

    Orochi weapons comes in 2 colors. Black and White. White and Black.
    Red dot/pixel symbolises Orochi symbol.

    Rare weapons:
    filthspewer.png greyskull.png stembridge.png subtlepersuasion.png
    Rifle, shotgun and sword: x8 Orochi Alloy, pistol x5.
    Legendary weapons lvl 1:
    conviction.png cryogeniandestroyer.png hardrain.png tyrfing.png
    Weapons require rare weapon and x2 Black Bullion.

    The Outer Dark/Filth
    Lore Entry 3:
    "It Creeps through the crawly cracks of 3AM. That weird dimension. There are thoughts that can only hatch in the human skull at 3AM. It is always 3AM somewhere. It is happening right now."
    Lore Entry 8:
    "Sumerians called it the Eater. In Babylon they named it Nergal's Rot. Dead tongues dubbed it the Devouring Plague, the Zero Point Pathogen, the Dark Homunculus, the Blackworm Jism."
    Lore Entry 12:
    "But the Filth is only the transmitted, not the transmitter - the excremental shadow of something else. What dreamt it? What stirs and sputters and lurks, as big as planets, in the infinite shade between cancer cells?
    Have you seen them, Sweetling? Have they noticed you noticing them? Once you see the hungry sky, it sees you. All futures point to a stratosphere of tentacles."

    Rare weapons:
    ixtabsgreetings.png namelessdays.png stargauge.png relicofrazorhouse.png
    Rifle, shotgun and sword: x8 Filth, pistol x5.
    Legendary weapons lvl 1:
    eldritchreaper.png eventhorizoncanon.png outergodsrain.png theouterdark.png
    Weapons require rare weapon and x2 Black Bullion.

    Alternative Abilities:
    destiny_filth.gif destiny_hell.gif destiny_orochi.gif
    elementalforce_filth.gif elementalforce_hell.gif elementalforce_orochi.gif
    rupture_filth.gif rupture_hell.gif rupture_orochi.gif
    safetyoff_filth.gif safetyoff_hell.gif safetyoff_orochi.gif
    whereithurts_filth.gif whereithurts_hell.gif whereithurts_orochi.gif

    Let me know if weapons are too powerful or you have questions, problems.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. Logo.png
    2. TSW Weapons - Orochi 1.gif
    3. TSW Weapons - Orochi 2.gif
    4. TSW Weapons - Orochi 4.gif
    5. TSW Weapons - Orochi 3.gif
    6. TSW Weapons - Filfth 1.gif
    7. TSW Weapons - Filfth 2.gif
    8. TSW Weapons - Hell 2.gif
    9. TSW Weapons - Hell 1.gif
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