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Tsuki's Races 3.1

Where are we?

  1. I'm running out of ideas.

    Changed item names and whatnot, Game may crash at least once. If it doesn't then cool.
    You can no longer buy some items. items still in-game. you can use /spawnitem to get them.

    That's all.

    TOUCH UP TIME!!! I forgot wtf I added in the past, I recently just edited some things. Oh Well.
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  3. Update: NPCs and Objects

    This Update adds Unique NPC dialog and Some more Objects and Blocks to build with. And some Other things I didn't mention.
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  4. Fixes and stuff

    I don't think I updated this yet... But umm Healeon wings look better.
  5. Fixing Pixel errors and dye icons

    The dye icons were replacing some other dye icons. so I fixed that.
  6. new Weapons

    Just adds some Race Weapons
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  7. More Content!

    In this Update, There are more races. and custom ships
    Along with more things added/changed.

    Note: I do not have new screenshots to display. please be patient.
  8. Lot's of new stuff.

    Adds lots of new items, objects, and "Shops/Merchants".
    Everything can be found in the Tsuki's Crafting Table/Station?
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  9. Fixing Stuff

    Fixed some Bugs and edited some items.