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Outdated Trook's Bandit Hideouts v0.5b (furious koala)

Moa Bandits! Adds dungeons, varying bandit npc's, armor sets and... moa =)

  1. BanditUndergrounds completed so far

    - Added some new rooms and hallways
    - Improved the "room hirachy" and connection rules to make the generated result look a bit better (sometimes there are still some open ends or not so nice gaps between sections, sry for that :/)
    - removed many lights - this should make it bit spukier to explore the undergrounds =D
    - ... not worth to be mentioned^^
    - new preview on the main-modsite (if the vid deosn't work, it is stil uploading)

    So this should be it for now with the undergrounds. I will...
  2. README and test option added

    Added a readme with some helpfull information ;)


    Extract the folder "Bandit Hideouts" to your "starbound\mods\" folder

    As there are many predefined dungeons, it may take a while until you will find a planet with an hideout.
    If you want the game to ignore all other dungeons, you can edit the file
    "mods\Bandit Hideouts\planetgen.config"
    change the line
    //[ "overwrite", "dungeonWhitelist" ]
    [ "overwrite", "dungeonWhitelist" ]

    This will...