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Outdated Trook's Bandit Hideouts v0.5b (furious koala)

Moa Bandits! Adds dungeons, varying bandit npc's, armor sets and... moa =)

  1. furious koala fix

    little update for the patch
  2. Powa-armor changes

    - appearance changed
    - cape added (a real cape now)
    - drop chances changed

    will implement merchants soon which will randomly appear in hideouts and sell the recipes (if you can handle to free them)
  3. reworked bandit types

    Soooooo i overhauled the bandits a bit.
    - They will patrol, sit, sleep, talk, ... now
    - Different classes:
    rookie, average, ..., bosses
    - The Powa-Armor-Set is for now a usual t10 armor with doubled energy stats (rework inc.)

    This should balance the difficulty of the dungeons a bit as also the loot.

    Let me know if there are any issues pls.

  4. The Cratercade (dungeon)

    - The Cratercade (dungeon):
    However it happened, that an ex-militarycomplex-ex-miningsite-ex-meteoritcrater became an arcade temple, bandits are down there now!
    (see more detals at the main-page)
  5. Danger!!!

    Bandits can have much more powerfull weapons now!
    Beware, some of them are really crazy :D
    (only the bandits from my dungeons have the chance, the others from the vanilla game are untouched)
  6. improved surface

    the surface above the underground dungeon now looks more natural, instead of having this ugly flat plane.
  7. minor changes

    cleaned up the .dungeon file a bit and maybe there will be less gaps (open ends) in the dungeons now.
  8. PowaSet rebalanced

    After some hours of playing with the powa-armor-set, i decided to rebalance it a bit.

    - Reduced the maximum pool a bit but the regeneration rate is the same.
    - Slightly increased the protection value.

    I want it to be a good armor for ppl who prefer ranged combat.
    If you want to be a ranged fighter, be a ranged fighter. You will have enough regen to not be promptet to run to a safespot and wait for your energy to fill up, but you still can't just hold down the fire button (so, you still...
  9. Bandit's Powa Suit (Armor-Set) added and some minor fixes

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  10. The recent updates have been a lie!!!

    Weird, but the site didn't upload the updated files and didn't even warn me :p
    (guess it happened because i didn't enter a new version number)

    However, now it's up to date =)
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