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Outdated Trook's Bandit Hideouts v0.5b (furious koala)

Moa Bandits! Adds dungeons, varying bandit npc's, armor sets and... moa =)

  1. PowaSet rebalanced

    After some hours of playing with the powa-armor-set, i decided to rebalance it a bit.

    - Reduced the maximum pool a bit but the regeneration rate is the same.
    - Slightly increased the protection value.

    I want it to be a good armor for ppl who prefer ranged combat.
    If you want to be a ranged fighter, be a ranged fighter. You will have enough regen to not be promptet to run to a safespot and wait for your energy to fill up, but you still can't just hold down the fire button (so, you still need to aim :p)

    The armor is enough now to BARLY survive 1 hit from the normal t10 monsters.
    I thouht they should 1 hit you, but that's not that much fun :/
    Now you will have a 2nd chance, once you have been careless and got hit by a monster.

    Npc sniper and magnum hits are still extremly dangerous! Sometimes they will 1hit you, so take care ;)

    I may also change the look and the recipes of the set later, but first things first...

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