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Outdated Trook's Bandit Hideouts v0.5b (furious koala)

Moa Bandits! Adds dungeons, varying bandit npc's, armor sets and... moa =)

  1. Trook

    Soooooo, this here is my first little mod for the best game eva on this planet =)
    The idea has been to expand the game in a way which makes it bit more interesting to explore unknown planets.

    It comes with a complete Bandit theme:
    - Dungeons! (Some of them may be quite hard to clear, but the bounty should make it worth it!)
    - Different Bandit Types (rookie, average, ..., boss)
    - Gooood loot! (You may find legendary weapons and other awesome stuff there)
    - Craftable Armor-Set (recipes will drop inside the dungeons)
    - ...more! (no idea what i will implement next, but cool stuff will follow ;D)

    - Bandit Underground (dungeon):
    Bandits settled down in primitive underground structures to gang up and store their plunder...

    You may find rare or even legendary weapons in the hideouts, as well as other awesome and usefull stuff! (...and maybe one or the other miniboss too...)
    The loot may seem to be improved, compared to the vanilla game, but it also isn't quite easy to survive the bandits defense - good luck ;)

    - The Cratercade (dungeon):
    However it happened, that an ex-militarycomplex-ex-miningsite-ex-meteoritcrater became an arcade temple, bandits are down there now!

    As always, good loot, hard enemies and tons of procedural generated stuff! Hope you like =)
    Contains many hylotl objects, which are already there in the game library, but not used in the vanilla game right now (so these objects will work at mp too).
    Will add more rooms soon and improve some things here or there :)

    - Bandit's Powa Suit (armor-set):
    A fancy bandit armor set! You may look like a bandit now... but they will still attack you :p
    The Powa armor is a usual t10 armor with twice as much energy-regen and -pool.

    The recipes for the set can be obtained inside the hideouts as random loot.
    (best chances at t10 planets)
    I may implement vendors later, which randomly appear in dungeons and sell the recipes too.

    To craft the whole set you need:
    - 30 fabric
    - 30 Violium Bars
    - 30 Impervium Bars
    - 40 Solarium Rods

    Ok, that's it for now, hope you have fun! =)
    Let me know your thoughts - feedback, suggestions, issues... always appreciated!

    ...still not enough? Take a look @MestreCorrida's awesome DungeoneerDungeons!


    Extract the folder "Bandit Hideouts" to your "starbound\mods\" folder

    As there are many predefined dungeons, it may take a while until you will find a planet with an hideout.
    If you want the game to ignore all other dungeons, you can edit the file
    "mods\Bandit Hideouts\planetgen.config"
    change the line
    //[ "overwrite", "dungeonWhitelist" ]
    [ "overwrite", "dungeonWhitelist" ]

    This will cause the game to only create BanditHideouts on new visited planets.
    To turn this off, simply change the line back to its original (add the "//")

    Have fun =)

    - Polishing, fixing minor details, polishing, cleaning up some files and ...oh, did i mention: polishing! :D
    - MicroDungeons with generic sets
    - Bandit codex series
    - Excavation site (dungeon)
    - Spaceship (dungeon)
    - Captured Hightech Lab (dungeon)
    - Mysterious Maze (dungeon)
    - Custom armors/weapons
    - Jailed merchants who may sell armor/weapon recipes
    - ...

    credits and special thanks to...
    @Kel^ - the creator of the awesome StarStructor tool (Editor)
    @MestreCorrida - inspired me with his Dungeoneer Dungeons mod!
    @"The holy dev's" - the ones who bestowed us the best game eva :love:
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. furious koala fix
  2. Powa-armor changes
  3. reworked bandit types

Recent Reviews

  1. acidchalk
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    C'mon 1.0!
  2. justin11m
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    wont allow me to start my game :(
  3. KreatorSlam
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    Good mod
  4. Penetros
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    Enjoyed this mod thoroughly in furious, any chance of it being updated again?
  5. hehao7938
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    Nice mod!
  6. Kallyous
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    Great work! Keep it up to date! Thaks!
  7. Naesh
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    Excellent mod! Could you update, please?
  8. Vincent K.
    Vincent K.
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    This mod is awesome! great job
  9. shinobi1027
    Version: v0.5b (furious koala)
    Awesome man please add more :)
    1. Trook
      Author's Response
      thx =)
      Got so many ideas, but not time :/ hopefully in the upcoming holidays *pray
  10. josh7073
    Version: v0.5b
    Awesome mod, but could you please update?
    1. Trook
      Author's Response
      Thx and sry, totally busy with study atm.
      Should work with furious k. now