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Training Dummies v1.5.1

Training dummies to dress up and attack with impunity

  1. Now for Pleased Giraffe

    Updated to work with Pleased Giraffe.
  2. Fix for latest update

    The latest update adding pathing calls that required an update to the training dummies npctype file (thanks Pirate_Steve).
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  3. Flipping! Huzzah!

    Dummies now face you whenever you interact with them.
  4. Now with 100% more wood!

    Thanks to tiltos for the wooden dummy species.
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  5. Now with improved removing!

    Sooner than expected (5 minutes), removing a training dummy now gives you a matching spawner back. You still lose the setup of the training dummy you had before, but at least now you don't have to pay another pixel for a new spawner.
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  6. Now removable!

    Interacting with a training dummy while holding your matter manipulator (or any beamaxe) will make the training dummy go away. A future update will see the training dummy drop a matching spawner for you.
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