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Outdated TouhouBound 1.55

Anything you need for your average day in Gensokyo~!

  1. Enraged Koala (Link fix?)

    Kitaen Silva
    It seems the previous download link wasn't working. I have had to switch to using Mediafire since the default resource uploader no longer functions. SOrry about the mix-up.
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  2. Enraged Koala

    Kitaen Silva
    Only one significant change: sewing lamp recipe to use a torch instead of a light bulb, so now you don't have to hunt for a human penal colony to get your cosplay table.

    Beyond that, this release is simply a compatibility update for the long-overdue Enraged Koala version. I must truly apologize for the lack of new features, because the ones we are working on unfortunately cannot work without the new adjustments found in the nightly development builds.

    Expect an almost complete re-work of...
  3. Sept. 22nd/23rd Nightly update.

    Kitaen Silva
    Absolutely no new features - this update is very simply a direct update to the current nightly development build so we can get a head start on the code. Everything is exactly as it was in the previous update, with the exception of maybe what attacks the mobs were using because we ran into a bit of a speed bump there.

    It [is] functional, though hardly as polished as Reiji's setup.

    We will tinker about tomorrow and put out an Enraged Koala update as soon as we can, but it will also not have...
  4. Furiously Late Compatibility Update

    Kitaen Silva
    Nothing new in this update, unfortunately. We've only just now gotten it functional with Furious Koala due to real-life circumstances.

    Because we couldn't update the mod, we also couldn't add new features, but now that we have updated for compatibility with the current version, we can finally get back to work on adding more goodies! Next on the list is a questline to guide players through crafting their Cosplay Corner, and hopefully the inclusion of the newer costumes produced by Reiji...
  5. "High-Definition" Preview!

    Kitaen Silva
    We're pushing this "update" because we feel that this "HD" discovery is too neat to not share with you~! Cirno and Reimu won't be present in the next update, but they are capturable, wild mobs in this update! See if you can't capture them both before the next update, and try to post a screencap or .gif of your character with both of them in a review or on the mod discussion topic~!

    They will return in a later update, but by then they won't be capturable, and they won't be mobs, so...
  6. Youkai animation fixes

    Kitaen Silva
    We've committed some fine-tuning to the existing youkai so that it no longer floats a pixel off the ground, it no longer disappears when hit, and when it is killed, the body no longer disappears, leaving a head with floating hair in it's place.

    Now we just need to plug in a few more parts for clothes and then a second set of parts to let them have a bit of diversity.

    Also, the main Mod Info page has received some updates, please read over the new content, and don't forget to rate and...
  7. Speedo-donning surfer youkai abound!

    Kitaen Silva
    After about two and a half days of scratching our heads and laughing like lunatics at the antics of our hellspawn...

    The first signs of the new mobs can be found in gameplay.

    We've bumped up the spawning diversity of planets, so one of the first things you'll notice is that there is much more than three types of monster after your tasty flesh, but that there are also strange speedo-clad men who may or may not be after you as...
  8. Change in Install Method.

    Kitaen Silva
    If you have Touhoubound 1.0 functional, you won't need this update as there are no content changes yet. Still working on those, sorry~

    Version Changes:

    +- No longer requires any additions to the assets folder. You can drop the mod into your mods folder and it will function the way it's supposed to~! Hooray to Reiji Gazpacho for figuring this out. =3
  9. The Actual Mod Begins~!

    Kitaen Silva
    With this update, the mod is moving out of Alpha (sector) and into Beta (because StarMap upgrades)!

    There has been a massive change to the Mod Info Page. Please be sure to review it (and the mod)~!

    Changes are as follows...

    +- Some tweaks to drops and drop rates.
    +- Recipes changed so many times during this one update...
    +- Many facedesks were had over silly syntax mishaps....
  10. More drop fixes.

    Kitaen Silva
    With the help of Alnitak, some tweaks have been made to the item drops.

    +- Point Token crash will no longer occur, and Point Tokens will actually drop now.
    +- Adjusted drop rates of all the new drops, they should be a bit easier to obtain now.