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Outdated TouhouBound 1.55

Anything you need for your average day in Gensokyo~!

  1. Speedo-donning surfer youkai abound!

    Kitaen Silva
    After about two and a half days of scratching our heads and laughing like lunatics at the antics of our hellspawn...

    The first signs of the new mobs can be found in gameplay.

    We've bumped up the spawning diversity of planets, so one of the first things you'll notice is that there is much more than three types of monster after your tasty flesh, but that there are also strange speedo-clad men who may or may not be after you as well. It took considerable groaning, confusion, and editing of the same lines of text before even this much has become ready, but it's a stable release and while not entirely pretty, it's functional and ready for public use. Currently they only have one available part each for hair, head, frontarm, backarm, and body, so you won't see any physical diversity just yet, though the hair colour and speedo colour do randomize, meaning there are at least 22(?) different variations of this new mob already available.

    There is still a ton being worked on with these new mobs, so now that we have the mechanic figured out, we simply need to pump assets in for some diversity. This mob is the template representative for the "youkai" pool of mobs. There will be similar-looking mobs generated from other pools of parts, such as "yousei" and "yurei", but they will behave differently and have different skillsets. For example, youkai are all ground-walking mobs, while yousei and yurei will be able to fly. Yurei will probably require a bit more effort and work, since they won't be able to outright [fly], but they may be able to hover within a space of a few blocks above a solid block, and they can travel through solid blocks.

    Marisa Kirisame's outfit as found in Subterranean Animism is now available for crafting at the Cosplay Corner.

    Reiji Gazpacho has once again provided a full outfit for your cosplay needs! The next update is likely to contain a few more, some of which are from another artist pitching in by the name of Justice Wolf~! Reiji provided a few other assets at the same time as this full outfit, and they'll pop in a bit later once we release the next major mod mechanic.

    + [​IMG] Marisa (SA) Cosplay Outfit [assets courtesy of Reiji Gazpacho]

    The default mobs have been relieved of the duty of carrying all those new drop items.

    They now have their normal drops as they always had, and you can farm pixels, Holiday Spirit, Cell Materia, and Hard Plating from them to your heart's content. To collect yourself some of those shiny new drops, go out and find yourself some youkai to exterminate! With the adjusted spawn diversity, you should be more likely to find them on more planets, so it shouldn't be much more difficult than it has been. And farming them in Alpha Sector after you've done some work in Beta or beyond will be child's play. Keep building up your stocks of these new drops! They're already needed for the Cosplay Corner recipes, but there's many more uses of them yet to come.

    There's also something fun we've quickly tossed in for the sake of amusement.

    You'll see it plain as day when you next start up Starbound with this mod, and we actually have more plans for it. It has become the subject of much experimentation over the last few hours, and has hardly seen the end of our mad science. Or magic, if you don't like science in your Gensoky-Ohs.

    Several updates to existing things.

    Fixed the lack of promised de-crafting recipe to get your fabric back from white bolts of fabric. Updated the assets used for the new drops, materials, and Cosplay Corner.


    Most of this update and the last two or three days has been spent slaving away on the new mobs feature - recall that our Lua coding experience amounts to practically zilch, but somehow we've managed to add zero to zero and come up with TouhouBound, so we're not complaining. We had loads of trouble figuring out how to even get the mobs ingame, and then we broke that little bit so many times just trying to add mob parts, line up the individual mob parts so they don't look like nightmares, fixing animations so they don't act like children who've watched dangerous amounts of Transformers movies, making them stop decapitating themselves to try and "graze"... but now we have a stable template and have mostly figured out the mechanics behind adding a new monster pool. There are still a few things to fine-tune with the template, but we thought you'd like an update. Here ya go~!

    Have fun with the new stuff, and look forward to what's next on the menu~!

    Please wait warmly and have a tea, more girls are preparing.
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