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Outdated TouhouBound 1.55

Anything you need for your average day in Gensokyo~!

  1. Sept. 22nd/23rd Nightly update.

    Kitaen Silva
    Absolutely no new features - this update is very simply a direct update to the current nightly development build so we can get a head start on the code. Everything is exactly as it was in the previous update, with the exception of maybe what attacks the mobs were using because we ran into a bit of a speed bump there.

    It [is] functional, though hardly as polished as Reiji's setup.

    We will tinker about tomorrow and put out an Enraged Koala update as soon as we can, but it will also not have any new features - most of the new stuff will be part of the work we do using nightly development builds.

    There are probably a few bugs in this release - please post any that you find!

    Just remember, this update is NOT for Enraged Koala, it is for the Nightly build!
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