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Outdated TouhouBound 1.55

Anything you need for your average day in Gensokyo~!

  1. Furiously Late Compatibility Update

    Kitaen Silva
    Nothing new in this update, unfortunately. We've only just now gotten it functional with Furious Koala due to real-life circumstances.

    Because we couldn't update the mod, we also couldn't add new features, but now that we have updated for compatibility with the current version, we can finally get back to work on adding more goodies! Next on the list is a questline to guide players through crafting their Cosplay Corner, and hopefully the inclusion of the newer costumes produced by Reiji Gazpacho - he's currently hosting a costumes-only version of the mod if you need them now, though unfortunately his mod may actually conflict with TouhouBound since they're comprised of the same items. We'll try to come up with a workaround for that in the future.
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