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Outdated TouhouBound 1.55

Anything you need for your average day in Gensokyo~!

  1. The Actual Mod Begins~!

    Kitaen Silva
    With this update, the mod is moving out of Alpha (sector) and into Beta (because StarMap upgrades)!

    There has been a massive change to the Mod Info Page. Please be sure to review it (and the mod)~!

    Changes are as follows...

    +- Some tweaks to drops and drop rates.
    +- Recipes changed so many times during this one update...
    +- Many facedesks were had over silly syntax mishaps.

    Additions are as follows...

    +[​IMG] Bolt of Fabric (Yellow) [image courtesy of Deliphin]
    +[​IMG] Bolt of Fabric (Blue) [image courtesy of Deliphin]
    +[​IMG] Bolt of Fabric (Red) [image courtesy of Deliphin]
    +[​IMG] Bolt of Fabric (white) [image courtesy of Alnitak]
    +[​IMG] Sewing Machine [image courtesy of Deliphin]
    +[​IMG] Sewing Lamp [image courtesy of Deliphin]
    +[​IMG] Wicker Basket [image courtesy of Deliphin]
    + Mannequin (uses existing SB assets)
    + [​IMG] Cosplay Corner (crafting station) [image courtesy of Deliphin]
    + [​IMG] Reimu Hakurei Cosplay [images courtesy of Reiji Gazpacho]
    + Crafting recipes for all the newly-added items, and a use for your Power Tokens and Faith Orbs!
    + A de-crafting recipe for the white bolt of fabric, allowing them to be used as lossless fabric compression. (9 fabric = 1 white bolt | 1 white bolt = 9 fabric)
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