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Outdated TouhouBound 1.55

Anything you need for your average day in Gensokyo~!

  1. Kitaen Silva

    Alright, this is my debut appearance in the modding world as far as actually creating my own mod, as before this I have never really even so much as looked at code unless I was performing compatibility fixes on a 180+ mod pack in Minecraft. I hope that I can build this up into something lovely, but this really will be done in baby steps. I have been joined by Alnitak, whom has been collaborating with me to help code this mode and bring you a quality mod. We have a few contributing pixel artists, including Deliphin, Reiji Gazpacho, and Justice Wolf.

    This mod is in Beta!
    Please be aware that this means there may be some unexpected and / or undesirable shifts between updates. If you have any questions about the update(s), please feel free to message me.

    And then this happened.
    The .gif quality doesn't do it justice, but we have essentially figured out a method for importing "HD" sprites for bosses. That is a lossless 100 x 100 pixel sprite in a 40 x 40 pixel space
    , and yes, it is a rip from Hisoutensoku. Yes, it is also temporarily a pet simply for the sake of expedited testing. With a bit more wriggling, we may be releasing "HD" player characters and NPCs later - though that means we will have to re-sprite every equippable asset. It [also] means we might be able to do "HD" objects and items, but we haven't done any testing for this beyond this one test mob. It isn't included in the 1.51 update because it's simply a test of capability, but you can probably expect to see us attempting to HD-ify this mod - and possibly the vanilla game around it.
    You know what? We're going to temporarily include it so that you can poke at this tidbit yourself! Enjoy this preview of something to come in a later update for a limited time in 1.52! They'll be removed in the next update as preparation for things to come, so don't get too attached just yet. Currently, you can find Cirno and Reimu in the wild on various planets, and they ARE capturable mobs for now. Have fun~!

    Current Features~!
    The start of the new mobs!
    I'm not sure how you'll feel about being chased by men with prim hair while wearing speedos, but while it currently doesn't look like much, this is the culmination of much hell in creating the first of several entirely new sets of randomly-generated mobs. This... er... questionably-dressed fellow happens to belong to the "Youkai" pool. There are plans for several other pools, such as Yousei, Yurei, Bakemono, Tsukumogami, and a variety of others, each with their own pool of parts to pull from. There will be massive amounts of variety amongst these new pools, because they will have two to three times as many part categories to select from when building the mob. This first one is more or less the "template", and still needs a few tweaks here and there before we start mass-producing parts. We've borrowed assets from the Ningen Race Mod, which I highly recommend using alongside TouhouBound.
    Well, boys. Marisa's got a job for you, and it involves explosions.

    The new mobs CAN be captured. That was a pain to get working, but it means that if you so desire, you can collect yourself an army of speedo-clad not-so-gentlemen. Some of them do use skills on you in the wild - it took us a day just to figure out how to stop them from detaching their head and arms in some sort of disturbing transformers-esque display before unleashing murderous magicks from what used to be their necks. Captured youkai can level up just like any other captured mob, but we'll expand upon that in the future, to where eventually you can equip your captives, converse with them, give them commands, distribute stat points when they gain in level, and if you really wanted to, develop a bond with them that might result in... well, science does odd things, and we'll just leave it at that, shall we~? The future for these uncivilized beings is going to be rough, but at least they'll be able to wear clothes soon. These mobs will not feature parts of canon characters - they're just mooks, and they contain the valuable drops mentioned above. There are loads of plans in store for these mobs, so watch for them in updates~!

    New Mob Drops!
    You can start collecting familiar objects from slaying the new mobs! The drop rate needs to be fine-tuned still, but start collecting them now, while they're easy to get and you won't regret it later~! Yes, that means I'm telling you to abuse things while they're Easy Modo. These new drops will be used in crafting recipes, trading, quests, and probably a variety of other things in later updates, so make sure you keep well-stocked~

    A new crafting station!
    It'll take a bit of effort, but soon you can create your Cosplay Corner, which will be your main hub for the first section of this mod's content - character cosplay items to wear while you traverse the stars! Most of what you'll need can be found on your starting world, but it's possible that you may have to find yourself a Human Penal Colony before you can find any of those archaic devices called "light bulbs" for your sewing lamp.
    To build your Cosplay Corner:

    Some new crafting materials and recipes!
    Most of these will be important to the mod itself, but in some cases you'll find that they can be important for other things, too. For example, there is now a method to compress your fabric stocks into proper bolts of fabric, and then un-craft those bolts back down into the regular fabric items if you need them again. The mod will mostly use the bolts, though!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The first cosplays of many soon to come!
    You can now don the garb of Gensokyo's two main protagonists, LARPing your way through the stars and taking care of incidents wherever they may arise! There will eventually be hundreds of other outfits to choose from and create on your Cosplay Corner, but they're all just "cosplay versions". I wonder how you'd get better ones...?
    Yes, Reimubird made me giggle too.

    Planned Features~!

    Cosplays of ALL the Touhou cast - even some fanmade ones!
    There will be vanity equips of all the faces you have seen and heard of - and many whom you haven't! If you want to dress as Youmu the Gardener, or Marisa the Ordinary Witch, you can do that~! Or maybe you want to dress as Youki in his wandering habits, or perhaps Old Man Unshou's plain kimono has your eye. Want to wear the garb of lesser-known characters, like Noroiko, Rengeteki, or Rin Satsuki? We'll have them at your disposal~! There will even be some lucky Touhou OCs who will get their garb featured~! It'll take us a while to get them all prepared, but we'll get caught up someday!

    A weird thing called a "Mysterious Sukima"!
    I could tell you what this is, but then it wouldn't be mysterious! I'll just tell you that it might not be advisable for you to throw things into it. Bad things might happen. But bad things sometimes lead to good things... or so I'm told.

    A collection of functional items and weapons!
    Has the thought of using a good 'ol Spark to make a flat spot for your base ever crossed your mind? Or maybe you wanted to shrink to half your size and get into those smaller spots for hard to reach ores and gems? Yes? Well start building up your power of love and get ready to be able to do exactly that! The Mini-Hakkero and the Miracle Mallet won't be the only things at your disposal at some point in TouhouBound, so look forward to what we have in store~!

    Dungeons and structures to explore!
    Starbound will surely have a wider variety of things like this of their own in later updates, but wouldn't you like to find yourself wandering the streets of Abandoned Hell, or traipsing through Eientei? You never know what sorts of goodies you might come out the other side with, and many of them will be unique things added by this mod~!

    NPCs and beefed-up NPC interactions!
    This won't be limited to just the NPCs introduced by TouhouBound. Vanilla NPC interactions are lackluster at the moment, and it wouldn't be fair if we overshadowed them with NPCs from our mod, so we'll be giving the same treatment to vanilla NPCs as well! Shop interfaces will be getting an overhaul once we find the right artist for the job - you'll actually get some nice face-time with the shopkeeper who's wares you're browsing, and the shop GUI will be themed around the race of the shop owner. I'm toying around with some ideas for developing relationships with NPCs, but I haven't settled on anything concrete yet. Keep an eye and an ear open for info on this~

    New races!
    This one's pretty straightforward, and I'm sure you can guess what this means. You'll get to play as all kinds of strange Gensokyo residents, and while they sometimes won't look very much different from the standard human race, they will all have special status adjustments, racial bonuses and detriments, and unique abilities~! For example, if you want to play as a yurei, you'll start off with a low-level version of a tech that allows you to drift through walls and blocks at the cost of energy.

    More quests, codex entries, and wait for it.... storylines with immersive plot!
    This is one I'm really excited for since I enjoy writing and will be very happy to tell a tale using this mod while giving the players a venue to play a role in that tale~! I also feel that the quest system is currently lacking, and could be fleshed out quite a lot with questlines that lead you down tech trees for the other races, so I'm going to see what I can do about that. In addition to the new quests and story, we're planning...

    Cinematics, cutscenes, and mini-games!
    These things will definitely be a long time coming, but when they arrive, hopefully they will be glorious! At key points in the game, such as when you advance a tier, you will be rewarded for your hard work with some story featuring moving pictures and text - and depending on how things roll, possibly some voice acting~!

    There's thinking with portals going on!
    This is an idea we're still just mulling over, but if it goes according to plan, we'll be abusing this primarily for story purposes. Try not to confuse a "portal" with a "teleporter" - the portals won't be usable for taking you to and from your favourite planets, though there's plans for that technology as well, stemming from reverse-engineering of the portals. These portals will actually take you to alternate planes of reality, which contain very special NPCs, dialogue, story, quests, and rewards!

    ...and much more~!
    I'd be here all day listing all the stuff we can put in between these major things, but I think you have a clear enough idea of where this mod will be headed and hopefully that means you will enjoy making use of this mod and everything it has to offer~!

    Install Method:

    Back up StarBound's [assets] folder and your [player] folder.
    Unzip the TouhouBound 3.0 file.
    Move the TouhouBound folder into your mods folder.
    Launch Starbound, and commence hunting for mobs!

    (Keep backups in case you come across a bug, error, or incompatibility. Please mention any instances of a mod being incompatible with this mod, and I will see if I can't include some compatibility!)

    (There may be edits to the install method as new versions are released.)

    (Make sure that the mod isn't in a folder of itself! Your folder structure should look like ".../Starbound/mods/TouhouBound/items/...", NOT ".../Starbound/mods/TouhouBound/TouhouBound/items/...")

    (At the moment, I don't see any reason that you will lose collected drop items between updates, so please utilize this time to start collecting the new drops!! The items in other portions of the mod won't exactly be easy to obtain, so it's a good idea to start collecting the materials now~! Don't quote me on this though, so I strongly apologize if you lose your accumulated drop items in between mod updates!! Something that may help prevent the loss of your accumulated drops is to remember to keep them stored on your ship, and then back up your *.shipworld file prior to installing updates to this mod.)

    Known Issues:
    There is an issue with head equips that cause anything below the shoulders to be shown in front of the torso, but behind the foremost arm. There is an individual working on a Wig Mod that is having the same issue, so for now we'll borrow their idea of suggesting it be viewed as hair draped over the shoulder. Sorry if it's an inconvenience, but we will try to rectify this as soon as a solution becomes known!

    We have uncovered a mod incompatibility that causes our recipes to disappear. I haven't yet narrowed down [which] mod causes this because I use a pack of 64 mods, but when I do, we'll fix it and bring out a compatibility update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    (Update: Turns out that it was the Cat Tails Mod by Silverduke, but this is very easily remedied, and I have a fixed player.config for that mod which will make it compatible. If you would like to use the Cat Tails Mod in conjunction with TouhouBound, please message me and I will get you rolling. :love: )

    It's likely that I will have to rely or call upon some external help for the majority of this mod, but all credit will be given where credit is due~!

    Since I have your attention, I would like to recommend a very nice, related mod! I thoroughly enjoy using it myself and I am very glad it exists, so I will be making sure to keep my mod compatible with theirs. Please consider checking out the Collectible Figurines Mod, by Myrmex!

    Please feel free to post suggestions, and it would be much appreciated if you keep us informed of any bugs, exploits, or glitches you come across~! We might miss something as we're working on it, and you might stumble upon it while enjoying the mod~!

    Please wait warmly and have a tea, girls are preparing.

    Special Thanks

    Team Pioneer - For giving me the motivation I needed to get this mod started!
    Skizot - For helping point me in the right direction for v.01~!
    Papaya_freak - For helping me figure out why items weren't dropping in v.0.1~!
    Deliphin - For volunteering and contributing pixel art~!
    Alnitak - For joining in the efforts to help get this mod coded and brought to you~!
    Reiji Gazpacho - For volunteering and contributing pixel art~!​

Recent Reviews

  1. Winter-kun
    Version: THB Beta 1.6
    Goddamn good, but where's so-waited Enraged Koala update?
  2. TurboEryx
    Version: THB Beta 1.53
    Ok, you're my god, now
  3. TheUniversalUniverse!
    Version: THB Beta 1.53
    UPDATE PLEASE! This mod is awesome and does NOT deserve to die at all, it's so cool!
  4. coldReactive
    Version: THB Beta 1.52
    Great so far. Hoping to see NPCs and what not. I love Yuyuko the most <3 (And her... over-obsession with eating everything. Even souls.)
  5. mister moon
    mister moon
    Version: THB Beta 1.51
    thanks for the update i love the mod and thanks for all the new mob things that make the game just 10X BEDTE!!!
  6. Pauollo
    Version: THB Beta 1.5
    Well, long time Touhou fan :)

    The costumes are looking great until now, looking forward as more are getting added
  7. Julius Clonkus
    Julius Clonkus
    Version: 2014-01-04
    Oh, heavens - a Touhou mod in the works?

    I really appreciate the fact someone's gotten the idea; at the very least I'll be waiting giddily for news on this. A mini-hakkero would be awesome. Just point and level things with a Love-colored Master Spark.
  8. Alnitak
    Version: 2014-01-04
    Give it your best dude. I would love to see a Touhou mod like this come to fruition. I would be very willing to help you test as well. I installed the mod, killed about 25 mobs, but didn't get any drops. So unless the drop rates are low, it doesn't appear to be working yet.

    As a side note, I would suggest including a readme file with installation instructions in the download.

    Let me know if I can be of any help.
    1. Kitaen Silva
      Author's Response
      I appreciate it~! Right now I'm working on exactly that, trying to figure out why the intended outcome is not quite happening. Turns out I hadn't added the item itself to the *.treasurepool files, so I'm tinkering with that right this moment. I'll update again as soon as I can. =3

      When it is working properly, a "Point Token" should have about a 50% chance to drop, though that's not factoring in what seems to be some sort of convention that "Only one drop will be selected". Meaning that the more drops I apply to mob kills, the less chance you'll actually get the one you need. This can become problematic, but we'll have to kinda work with that until I can figure out how to tweak that.