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Outdated TouhouBound: Reiji's Arc S 6-12-14 / N 10-1-14

A slightly different flavor for TouhouBound!

  1. Nightly build available!

    The Enraged Koala version of TouhouBound: Reiji's Arc will no longer be updated, but it will still be available until the Nightly overhauls roll in.

    A link to the Nightly version has been posted on the mod page as well as right here.

    The current features include:
    • All vanity clothing ported in (all still craftable from the Yarn Spinner for 20 Fabric)
    • All weapon artifacts ported in (serve no purpose yet, unobtainable without commands)
    • Control Rod Flashlight (unobtainable without commands)
    • Randomly-generated Hakurei Gohei Shortsword and Dowsing Rod Axe (both unobtainable without commands, and they only use default uncommon melee effects for now)
    A text file is also included giving a full item list, and the commands needed to spawn them.

    Also look out for the main mod posted by Kitaen Silva, as it is also being ported to the Nightly build.
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