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Outdated TouhouBound: Reiji's Arc S 6-12-14 / N 10-1-14

A slightly different flavor for TouhouBound!

  1. The End of the Anti-Compression Incident

    Apparently the problem was lots of hidden Thumbs.db files that don't get calculated when determining folder size. I never would've guessed. Anyway, I got plenty of space back and don't have to use the .pak format again. At least, not for a while.

    + Added Cirno's costume, Cirno Statue, and recipes for Cirno and Utsuho Statues.
    + Added (and still working on) female variants to clothing where needed.
    * Minor edits to a few costume pieces and/or their inventory icons.
    * Made most hats' mask.png entirely transparent. You won't see any weird hair while wearing wigs anymore!
    * Made the Danmaku Factory's animation MUCH slower, and cleared the deprecated "interactable" line.
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