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Tougher NPCs and Creatures + Better Loot! 1.6.3A

Challenge increases, as does the durability of your allies and the quality of combat loot.

  1. glider521al
    Adventurer, do you want more challenge and reward from combat (particularly if you run a server)? Or want keep your pets and villagers around for longer?


    Current Version: 1.6.3A

    Stats in a harder universe
    This mod makes all NPCs, monsters, and bosses more resilient. Health scaling is much more potent (between 130%-200% depending on the level, excluding mech encounter monsters and critters); base game creatures have regen rate of about 0.7 HP/second .
    The game becomes more challenging, with greater enemy health scaling, and crowd control (and time management in the vault) becomes more strategic, particularly during missions.

    Additionally, Vanilla bosses have about 50-150% HP bonus
    + Additional challenge modifiers below (including reworked bosses)

    Durable allies
    Additionally, the survivability of your A.I.-driven friends is greatly enhanced! Crew and friendly people have an additional regen rate of 1 HP/second. Pets have a regen rate of 1.2 HP/second (mobs from other mods +0.5 HP/sec)
    with 0.23 x { Armor protection} +23 extra hp.
    Unarmed Villager health is scaled further to prevent them from dying to their carelessness or a bird pecking their toes, thus making any escort quests less frustrating. It's now possible for your pets to survive without having to manually heal/revive them constantly or sticking exclusively to rare health healing collars.
    Harmless pets of cats and any new pinfriends you find have greatly increased health, regen and lava immunity and are instantly capturable in the wild.

    Better Combat Rewards - Update 1.1+
    Paradoxically, the mod that increases the durability of your adversaries also decreases the grind for loot, and can save you time!
    • Enemies and some chests drop about 50% more pixels.
    • Vanilla Bosses always drop All their possible item drops on defeat. No more having to repeatedly replay that 30-minute mission for a one-in-ten chance to get that rare weapon or action figurine trophy!
      Additionally, campaign bosses drop much more pixels.
    • Even the Final (reworked) boss of the main campaign will now drop some extra items (see below)
    • Ancient vaults have about 70% more ancient essence for you to loot!
    • Vault guardian bosses are guaranteed to drop two Microterraformers
    • The final mech boss fight has some additional loot.
    Drop updates in 1.3.X
    • You are 17-20 times more likely to get a rare space item during mech space encounters (particularly during enemy ship boardings).
    • Mini bosses Shockhopper MK 1 and Dreadwing drop ores at their respective tier (titanium or durasteel) and have a
      • 20% chance to drop an action figurine trophy.
      • just over 42% chance to drop a random tier 2 or tier 3 unique weapon (respectively)
      • Diamonds for the remainder of the chance
    • Chests that would normally have a blueprint requiring a boomerang/chakram/gauntlet; have a good chance of containing those base component weapons instead (since the recipes can be circumvented entirely at Biggy's Reputable Weaponry; and late game players may want to stay at higher tier areas).

    Rare Monsters - Update 1.2.0
    55 Rare variants of unique creatures are 5 X more likely to be encountered in the wild (from 1% to 5% chance)!
    Most have abilities laced with elemental power!
    This should raise the challenge and help you complete the rare pet collection more quickly.

    Pro TIP: Pets captured on bounty missions are even stronger than those caught in the wild.

    Campaign bosses rework 1.4-1.6
    Overhauled behaviours makes them more aggressive and more challenging (and in the case of Swansong fairer)

    Erchius Horror - Nightmare edition
    The monster has had time to grow and evolve (bringing a shield/jump tech is recommended)

    Poison Ixodoom
    Due to a symbiotic relationship with Pteropods, the Ixodoom has developed a taste for venom and has grown stronger.

    Commander Asra Nox (both variants)

    The cultist leader aware that someone has reached the artifacts before her group fights more aggressively. For example she summons different cultist fighters with different dialogue as the fight progresses.

    Summons sentries to fight alongside it

    Big Ape v1.5
    he Miniknog have been expecting an attack on the stronghold for some time, so they've been upgrading their deadly figurehead to set a trap for the resistance.

    Baron's Keep - Glitch Siege

    The Occasus cult realized their ineffectiveness at siege warfare; so made an uneasy alliance with some Glitch Raiders. They left out the part about genociding the universe but talked up the potential treasure.
    • Waves of enemies include cultist scan droids and evil glitch knights.
    • Balistas spawn in with mounted dark glitch knights.
    Bone Dragon
    Still seething about losing to you earlier, Asra has been looking for ways to get an edge.
    Asra found a way to overclock the Bone Dragon for a harder fight.
    • It now moves faster.
    • Fires an alternating fire volley of 4 fireballs instead of just one.

    Ruin - The scourge of the universe has been genetically enhanced by the Occasus Cult and is much more aggressive in its attack patterns
    • Will periodically spawn in extra enemies including cultist scan droids, parasprites and tentacle creatures. The frequency will increase as the fight progresses.
    • When it summons monsters from other biomes to aid it, some of these have a moderate chance of being the stronger elemental variants and poptops are replaced with their adult versions. Additional enemies spawn during this phase with lower health.
    • The boss will drop a random item from the rarespaceitem pool and a random high tier unique weapon on defeat + 8000 pixels (just be sure to grab it before the planet explodes ).

    The Swan Song- Asra Nox, knows you're coming this time, and witnessing your feats across the galaxy, has spent time re-engineering her mech for a more challenging (albeit fairer fight).
    Asra Nox, knows you're coming this time, and witnessing your feats across the galaxy, has spent time re-engineering her mech for a more challenging (albeit fairer fight).

    • The Vanilla fight was highly geared towards a particular melee weapon. Most other classes of mechs would soon be unable to move in the Ophanim lazer web due to lacking DPS. The overhauled version makes the fight more balanced and varied while still remaining the hardest boss in the game.
    • Lowered the maximum number of ophanims that can occupy the arena, so that players can still move with a non melee/sniper DPS build as the fight goes on.
    • Any extra ophanim spawners will shoot red plasma bolts at the player instead.
    • At the end of each round in the first phase; the boss will spawn triplods (with batteries in them).
    • Contact damage with the mech has been removed to stop unavoidable damage from situations where the Swansong teleports onto the player in phase 2.
    • During the second phase a damaged Swansong will spawn Trifangle shooter enemies and the odd battery pickup.
    • There may be some additional tweaks later...
    All enemy Humanoid NPCs have a 30% chance to drop extra items - 1.5.X
    This includes NPCs from just about any mod using their treasure pool (excludes bosses as game categorizes them as monsters).

    Flexible Compatibility
    This mod works on the server side and is fully compatible with Vanilla multiplayer and just about any mod. This mod was engineered to only update the minimum required file components to avoid conflicts.

    It's the standard process for most mods:
    1. Download the mod (you may need to be logged in)
    2. Unzip the file (7z, Winrar or another GUI work fine). Though as you're reading this, you've probably already done this.
    3. Drag and drop this "Translocator Staff Mod" folder into the ./mods/ folder

      NOTE: If you are playing Starbound with Steam, the mod folder is usually located in:
    [Steam folder]\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods

    Have fun!

    • I run a public server; does everyone who joins need the mod installed?
      No, the mod is server-side, so they aren't required to do so
      (though they are more than welcome to : ) ). There is only a minor buff to pet health they will miss while the mod is not installed for their client though (reason in point below).
    • What happens if I join a multiplayer server without the mod installed?
      Then the mod won't trigger, and you'll be subject to the stats of that server. Your pet may have slightly more health than usual though (we had to implement that patch client side to avoid conflict with other good mods like Useful Pets/Pandora's Box/Frackin' Universe).
    • Are my stats reduced?
      No, your player's stats remain the same. Your pets (base game), crew, tenants, and villagers gain a bonus 1HP/second regeneration bonus.
    • I found a bug...
      Thanks for letting us know; please head to the discussion board to tell us more detail.
    • I have another question/comment!
      Great! Please use the comments section or discussion board to let us know!

    Special thanks to multiplayer testers
    • Axceptional
    • Omnymax
    • MicksMack
    • Gammaboy45

    Planned features
    (Subject to player interest and juggling time between gamedev and office work).
    • Improved loot from enemies and bosses (Implemented in Update 1.1)
    • Better loot from mini-bosses, health regen for the crew, and enhanced durability of harmless pets increased (Implemented in patch 1.1.5)
    • Increasing rare elemental variants of monsters in the wild. (Implemented in update 1.2)
    • More resilient pets (Implemented in update 1.2.8)
    • Better space encounters loot (Implemented in update 1.3.X)
    • Harmless pets of cats/newly generated dogs are instantly capturable, with better stats and immune to lava (Implemented in patch
    • Overhaul to all campaign bosses
    • Extra loot for NPCs including those other mods
    • Increased hunting pool and Action figurine bonus (1.6)
    • Potential reworks to penguin mech fights
    • Increasing other drop rates of regular monsters.

    If you have time after enjoying the mod, please consider leaving a review :)

    Other Creations
    More Mods:
    (vanilla multiplayer compatible version of the items within are in development):

    Our indie game: Aura of Worlds][​IMG]

    Creative tactics rogue-lite platformer
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Is diogeruke
    Is diogeruke
    Version: 1.6.3A
    muy buen mod lo eh estado probando y esta muy bien echo y me a ayudado al avance rĂ¡pido cumpliendo misiones jeje <3