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Outdated Tiny Tardis™ Cookie Jar 1.5

The Ultimate Snack Storage

  1. Necrovore
    Behold! A wonder in modern snack storage, the Tiny Tardis™ Cookie Jar can handle all of your cookie storage needs!

    Basically it was a challenge to myself to see how fast I could put together a simple working mod as a break from trying to debug the first mod I made. Nothing more then a 64 slot storage container that fits in one square. Made a very basic little tardis icon for it and as a loose attempt to add at least a smidgen of legitimacy, it cannot be stacked. As it is fairly unbalanced I have not bothered to include a recipe to clutter up your crafting item lists, so simply use "/spawnitem cookietardis" to get one and place it where you want. You can now craft the cookie jar at the research station if you can gather the materials...or you can still spawn it directly if you want. This will most likely be the only version I make unless a future update breaks it. It may or may not shunt everything inside into an unreachable pocket dimension if you break it...try it and find out :p

    To Install: Just unzip and drop the Cookie Tardis folder into your mods folder.

    Don't forget to rate your experience with the mod and post any issues in the comment section. Please include your .log file if you have errors so I can try and figure out what went wrong.
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  1. Recipe!

Recent Reviews

  1. lilderna
    Version: 1.0
    doesn't work, just a shade of the tardis appears but i can't move, place or use it
    1. Necrovore
      Author's Response
      Interesting. I use the default chest config file for the size and such to handle everything on the back end, I'll try making custom copies to include with the mod itself and post the updated version and you can see if that works better. Actually, while I do that, can you post your log file from when you try and interact with it? I want to know if the hangup is on initializing it because of the ™ in the descriptions.