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Outdated Tiered Survival Backpacks 3.3

Lantern sticks combined with survival systerms and gliding, tiered to advance with you!

  1. Compatibility Update

    Should work now. I used my pre-packed version, let me know if anything isn't working right. I think it is still compatible with the dye bucket.
  2. Modpak and Dye Bucket Compatible!

    I've figured out how to set it up as a modpak, though it still needs to be unzipped since two files are required.

    Also, as per request, the packs can now be dyed via MrMagical's Dye Bucket. You don't need his mod to run this one, but I recommend it after trying it. =)

    Note: The dye one the Deluxe Pack changes the color of the parachute. You won't notice a difference until you jump....
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  3. Minor update

    Just changed it to be compatible with Enraged Koala. Not a modpack yet, you still have to unzip it. I'll be looking into the paint bucket thing as soon as my energy returns.
  4. Fixed Flood light recipe

    You no longer have to find a florescent light.
  5. Altered Electric Light stick

    Changed the recipe so you no longer have to find an electric light bulb, and changed the image to match. It now takes an Aegisalt light, and just 4 Aegisalt bars (since it takes 1 bar to make the light). I didn't change the system name, so if you already have one it should just auto-update the image.
  6. Just an image fix.

    The All-Weather Pack no longer has a parachute coming from it, since it doesn't have glide. =P
  7. Bug Fix!!

    Okay, so I figured out how to make sure they are at least craftable. There were issues with the two newest ones showing up as Perfectly Generic Items. Fixed it, should be working fine with the update!
  8. Furious Koala Compatability and a few changes to recipes.

    Good news and bad news: I can load the game with the backpacks mod installed. But, with the change in how the game files are organized, I don't know how to make it so I can test it without just playing along and seeing if things work right as they are unlocked.

    I'm releasing it more prematurely then I'd like since I know everyone was all psyched about the final wipe and I don't want anyone racing ahead of me and being disappointed I hadn't released this yet.

    Let me know if you have any...
  9. Extreme Pack

    For extreme weather, upgrade yet further to the Extreme Cloak! All the benefits of the Ultimate Survival System, plus warmth!
    (yes, I was lazy with spriting. If it gets put in the vanilla game (hint hint? Please? lol) I'm sure the sprites will all be updated.)
  10. Fixed recipe

    In updating the main page, I realized I messed up with the Deluxe Pack's recipe. Fixed it, let me know if anyone finds any other derps. I'm prone to them!