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Outdated Tiered Survival Backpacks 3.3

Lantern sticks combined with survival systerms and gliding, tiered to advance with you!

  1. Furious Koala Compatability and a few changes to recipes.

    Good news and bad news: I can load the game with the backpacks mod installed. But, with the change in how the game files are organized, I don't know how to make it so I can test it without just playing along and seeing if things work right as they are unlocked.

    I'm releasing it more prematurely then I'd like since I know everyone was all psyched about the final wipe and I don't want anyone racing ahead of me and being disappointed I hadn't released this yet.

    Let me know if you have any problems unlocking it, maybe by the time people get there I'll know more about how this update functions.

    As for recipe changes, I was told Tabula Rasa doesn't have things unlock by tier, and many of the recipes were not necessarily tier dependent. For the large part, I just swapped out the money req for a bar req. I also added a version of the cold resistant pack without glide since I've been told glide isn't as awesome as it sounds. If you don't like glide, use the new All-Weather Pack. Forgive me for not being on the ball enough to have a screenshot of it. Best I can do is share the icon. I was lazy (So sue me, I'm excited to play too!) and just recolored the Deluxe Pack to look more...radiant? Warm? Maybe I just like bright colors. You can always hide it with any other pack in the vanity slot. o.o
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