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Outdated Tiered Survival Backpacks 3.3

Lantern sticks combined with survival systerms and gliding, tiered to advance with you!

  1. kittentamer
    Now Dye Bucket Compatible!

    I wanted something to improve upon the base lantern stick and survival system, so I made tiered crafting recipes, so that by Imperium you have the max glow, an air pocket and you can glide, all from your back slot!

    I tried to make the tiering make sense as well as being fun.

    This is my first mod, so I hope it works fine. With the character I tested the packs on, I can see the blueprints from the start. Making a new character, they weren't there, so I'm assuming they will unlock by tier as I intended. I will of course keep testing, but I think this is ready for some show and tell. ^^

    I started off at the tier after you get the survival system. To my knowledge, there isn't anything to upgrade with air or glide, so most of the mod is increasing the glow and combining features.

    You might have to reactivate tier items to unlock the recipes, so I edited so you know which ones you might need. I hope using the top tier one again would unlock the lower ones too, but that needs further testing.

    MK4: Patchwork survival system (Glow 1 + Air): "Too bad that duct tape blocks most of the light!"
    Durasteel Tech Upgrade: Aegi-Light Stick (Glow 2): "An aegisalt light on a stick. Nothing could possibly go wrong!"
    Aegisalt Tech Upgrade: Irradiated Flower (Glow 2 + Air): "This flower gives off light and makes a bubble of air! Who cares if it is radioactive?"
    Ferozium Tech Upgrade: Deluxe Survival System (Glow 2 + Air + Glide): "A flashlight and an air hose attached to your parachute. Live life on the edge!"
    Cerulium Tech Upgrade: Flood Lantern Stick (Glow 3): "A flourescent light on a stick. Perfect for exploring!"
    Violium Tech Upgrade: Hybrid Survival System (Glow 3 +Air): "Smelted Plutonium into the casing of your air tank so it glows."
    Rubium Tech Upgrade: Ultimate Survival Cape (Glow 3 + Air + Glide): "The ultimate fusion of plutonium and uranium into fabric!"
    Rubium Tech Upgrade: Extreme Cloak (Glow 3 + Air + Glide + Cold Protection 70): "A bionic cloak that glows, glides, helps you breath, and oh yeah! It is warm!"
    Rubium Tech Upgrade: All-Weather Pack (Glow 3 + Air + Cold Protection 70): "An explorer's backpack complete with a pocket of air and climate control."

    I removed the shiplights so you can see the glow improvement. The Patchwork glow is equivalent to the lantern stick given in the base game. Forgot to remove them with the extreme cloak. Woops.

    Patchwork Survival System: Survival System, Cheap Light (1), Durasteel Bar (1 ) 'cause what else would duct tape be made of?
    Aegi-Light Stick: Lantern Stick, Aegisalt Light (1), Aegisalt Bar (4)
    Irradiated Flower: Plant Fiber (20), Uranium Rod (5), Feroziumbar (5)
    Deluxe Survival System: Fabric (100), Patchwork Survival System, Cerulium Bar (1)
    Flood Lantern Stick: Electric Lantern Stick, Fluorescent Light (1), Violium Bar (5)
    Hybrid Survival System: Plutonium Rod (5), Rubium Bar (5), Deluxe Survival System
    Ultimate Survival Cape: Plutonium Rod (1), Impervium Bar (1)*, Fabric (20)
    Extreme Cloak: Ultimate Survival System, Leather (10), Solarium Ore (10)
    All-Weather Pack: Hybrid Survival Systerm, Impervium Bar (5), Solarium Ore (10)
    *Oops, reading over the recipes to update this. It was supposed to be 5. Once I'm sure everything works, I'll likely post an update making the bar requirements equal overall.

    Now Tabula Rasa compatible, but you can still craft them at your regular crafting table.
    Now Dye Bucket compatible.

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  2. Modpak and Dye Bucket Compatible!
  3. Minor update

Recent Reviews

  1. sefijo
    Version: 3.3
    truly great :)
  2. whitekitestrings
    Version: 3.2
    Finally, a mod that combines several back-equipment abilities! I hate having to pass up neat looking mods cause I'd rather have light than some kind of backpack tech. And tiered instead of end-game?? Yes please, lmao. Thanks. :D
    1. kittentamer
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it. =D
  3. quatch
    Version: 3.2
    Works as described. Having more light is quite enjoyable, as is not having to swap around for breathing.
  4. Albin Xavier
    Albin Xavier
    Version: 3.0
    This is the only mod I've seen that combines all of the abilities, and it's even tiered!
    1. kittentamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I've been thinking it should be a part of 'leveling up' since playing Terraria and you outgrow the mining helmet so fast....
  5. Faythe
    Version: 2.5
    This mod is highly useful. It makes sense that there will be combination packs released and this makes it so getting the combination packs will take a higher tier.
  6. Minimum Jargon
    Minimum Jargon
    Version: 1.1
    Little buggy, took some problem solving, but overall great idea and Items. Very helpful.
    1. kittentamer
      Author's Response
      Could you explain the bugs to me? Or is it just the unlocking doesn't work well for existing characters that seems existent with mods period right now?
  7. Dreamfog
    Version: 0.3
    Interesting and useful mod! Thanks! ) )
  8. Neko665
    Version: 0..2
    Great Mod, like the item descriptions. A small problem i see is that you need the blue flashlight for the "Deluxe Survival System".
    1. kittentamer
      Author's Response
      It is there, unfortunately it got hidden by the hoses...I need to work on the sprite a bit there. =P