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Tier Nine Ships PG[s] - Mod v.

Because eight tiers just aren't enough.

  1. Image Update

    Finally updated ship images in preparation of higher ship tiers
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  2. Crash Fix

    Fixed the quest related crash, should now be working correctly c:
  3. Stable Update

    Updated to the most recent PG release
    Optimized images to greatly reduce filesize
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  4. Human ship fix

    The human ship fuel hatch now correctly becomes fixed after the upgrade is applied
  5. Quick Fix

    Fixed human blockkey.config so there is a background under the hazard block
  6. Avian Tier Nine Fix

    Changed avianT8lit.png to avianT9lit.png in aviant9.structure
  7. Version 2manyupdates

    Yet another fix, this one renaming the second darkwood recipe so it didn't overwrite vanilla
  8. MORE fixes

    Fixed floran tier 8 ship block map

    Going into admin mode (/admin) then typing in "/aicommand upgradeShip8" should fix the problem c:
  9. Updating Mat IDs

    Just a quick update to the material id's
  10. Finally working (probably)

    Turns out I forgot to add like half the species to the universe_server.config. Everything should probably be working now :U