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Tier Nine Ships PG[s] - Mod v.

Because eight tiers just aren't enough.

  1. eLe
    Adds a ninth upgrade to all ships:

    Ship backgrounds are now coloured per species:
    SS3.png SS4.png

    New blocks and ship lights:

    All of the ship blocks and lights are craftable after obtaining the portable 3d printer.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Image Update
  2. Crash Fix
  3. Stable Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Phoenix28
    Version: PG[s] - Mod v.
    I love this mod but i think i found a bug. I have an tier 8 ship and the quest. It sais bring me 64 diamonds. I collectet the diamonds but i cant give it to them. It would be nice if someone could explain me that. Thanks
  2. GeoGraf
    Version: PG[s] - Mod v.
    Thanks for the nice Mod :3
    Are you planning tier ten and custom race (Felin) ?
    Your mod is so great would be really happy :)

    with greeting Geo

    Excuse me English is not my favorite language
  3. NorthUniverse
    Version: PG[s] - Mod v.
    Worked great until the game updated, i would love to see this updated along with the game so i can keep my giant ship
  4. Solzucht
    Version: PG[s] - Mod v.
    Great idea :) though i didnt found out how to get tier 9 yet >..> maybe i need a new character? i didnt see any information about it either o.รถ
  5. ZombieDeadPOOL1
    Version: PG[s] - Mod v.
    Nice Mod
  6. jhen.toot
    Version: PG[s] - Mod v.
    I love this, but i wonder if you could make a patch for custom races like the Avali, or the Orcana its just a suggestion, but i will love it if you do it, Tumbs Up :3
  7. BeaverSid
    Version: SG[s] - Mod v. 0.06.4
    Awesome!!! I wonder what will happen next?
  8. Omnilock
    Version: SG[s] - Mod v. 0.06.4
    Great mod, Should def be implemented into the actual game, But it doesn't work in multiplayer (at least for me) and I'd love if you would make a separate mod for the other features like the blocks and ship lights, along with a separate mod for the ship backgrounds (I'd really love that as a separate mod!) anyways, Hope you can fix the multiplayer problem! I'm using a mac btw.
  9. Dekrosna
    Version: SG[s] - Mod v. 0.06.4
    it's a great idea I just don't know why it's not wanting to work for me. I try to access my S A I L (or in my case A V I A N) and it crashes...
    1. eLe
      Author's Response
      Can you post your starbound.log in a pm please?
  10. Ancev Caine
    Ancev Caine
    Version: SG[s] - Mod v. 0.06.4
    Works well - only bug I encountered was swiftly fixed. Fully deserves to be integrated into the main game.