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Three-Eyed Hylotl Helmets 1.4 for Pleased Giraffe

Four of the Hylotl helmets block their third eye. This changes that.

  1. Updated for Pleased Giraffe

    No changes, beyond compatibility fixes. Only updated the version string to make it compatible with the current version and changed the folder names to the new correct one (the game now calls Hylotl items Hylotl items, as opposed to Aqua items).
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  2. Updated for Spirited Giraffe

    Nothing changed, just the part that tells it what version it is for.
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  3. 1.2 for Upbeat Giraffe: Updated mod to .modpak format

    I updated the mod to .modpak format for easier installation and because I found initial loading times seem slightly faster with .modpaks than with folders.
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  4. Updated for Beta v. Upbeat Giraffe

    Updated for the new stable release.