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Thing On Your Back 1.3 more critters

Adds many things to wear at your back, like critters!

  1. Tremerion
    Donation. Help me make more content for this mod and others.

    You can buy back pets at Creatures Taming Table.
    Available to buy for 200 pixels at Inventor's Table.

    Avaiable on Steam.

    You can edit my mods for personal use

    You can also buy them in Pet Shop and Tech Shop from:

    It adss critters as back items, so they will look llike following you.
    62 critters, ground and flying ones.
    They have no buffs, except 3 that will give you some light.
    And they are animated.
    You can buy them for 100 Pixels at Pet Shop.
    Also you can buy new probes and drones at Tech Shop.
    3 are based on Star Wars, 7 made up by me and 1 based on Orochi Drone from The Secret World game.
    Orochi Drone is fully animated.
    You may want to equip them in vanity/look slot, not actual stats slot :)



    Apexcrab.png Apexcrab.png Armadillo.png Aviancrab.png balloon.png bird.png
    blip.png bloodtoad.png blueglowball.png blueslug.png bouncebag.png bouncer.png
    bowbird.png breaker.png bunny.png chev.png cliffer.png crab.png
    crocodile.png deserttortoise.png eyefriend.png eyepod.png floatbag.png florancrab.png
    frog.png glitchcrab.png gloop.png greenslug.png groop.png gull.png
    hare.png hazmacrab.png hedgehog.png humancrab.png hylotlcrab.png leafcrab.png
    maggot.png mouse.png owl.png penquincrab.png petal.png purpleslug.png
    quibble.png raven.png redbreastbird.png savybird.png snail.png snake.png
    snoogle.png snowy.png sporeling.png squeek.png squirrel.png symbiote.png
    tortoise.png toucan.png toxiccrab.png tritrot.png vulture.png whity.png
    wurm.png yellowglowball.png yeti.png
    in_game.png in_game2.png in_game3.png in_game4.png
    drk1.png drk1_game.png energyprobe.png kx12.png kx12_game.png lightprobe.png medicalprobe.png orochidrone.png orochidrone_game.png sphereprobe.png sphereprobe_game.png
    SHOPS Screens:
    petshop_game.png techshop1.png
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. logo.png

Recent Updates

  1. 1.3 more critters
  2. Post-Launch update 1.2
  3. 1.1 - Standalone

Recent Reviews

  1. rania rannashi
    rania rannashi
    Version: 1.3 more critters
    oowww beautiful!!! like 10000000 :3
  2. Kyonus
    Version: 1.2
    turn back wear into some thing realy fun ^^ thanks man
  3. ZombieDeadPOOL1
    Version: 1.2
    Your mods are awesome :D
    but i wish the pets would be a nyan cat :D
  4. MrMadJackVIII
    Version: 1.2
    Awesome addon. Recommendations would be combat orientated things, fire homing rockets, bullets, etc.
  5. MrTuxedo
    Version: 1.1 - Standalone
    Pretty good mod, I would like to suggest that you add
    1. A gnome friend on your back, kinda like the Gnome gun, or base it on a Gnome from Gravity Falls
    2. Flowey, from Undertale
    3. A sloth, with it's arms draped over your shoulders, holding it's legs like it's a giant, lazy, living backpack.
  6. Amnesium
    Version: 1.1 - Standalone
    MUST HAVE MOD for every critter tamer out there in the galaxy, really agrees with my inner ship critter garden!
    It does what it says, and looks good doing it!
    + absolutely banging modder fast as a shooting star willing to help! 10 stars, cause I love it *sunglasses*
  7. Amethystumn
    Version: 2015-09-29
    I like the idea, many cute animals. However, I feel that they are always way too close to you and the turtle does this weird thing where he moves a bit forward and then backwards. I also think it would be better if this mod was a stand-alone mod because the other mod that it requires is quite large and makes Starbound take longer to launch.
    1. Tremerion
      Author's Response
      They are close to char because there is limited frame space they can be put in. Otherwise animals could not be seen whole. And yes, there is this thing with turtle, it is going back to first frame at the end of moving.
      I will think about adding shop into this mod for animals and rest to make it standalone.
  8. Drako1LV
    Version: 2015-09-29
    like the idea...hope you keep at it and make more...hope you can put a small dragon
  9. Squidy_Frykas
    Version: 2015-09-29
    So many cute creature :) Continu to upgrade this fantastic mod ! :p
  10. josefdarks
    Version: 2015-09-29
    que mod mas util para no tener que llevar el kik de supervivencia mochila de luz para cuando vas a un planeta que requiere el traje quimico completo buen mod siga asi