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The Yellow Submarine WIP 6.1

Sky of blue and sea of green. A five person flying submarine.

  1. SB 1.3 update

    Works great in Zero-G :D
    .. but doesn't fit inside station docking bay lol

    - update vehicle platforms to 1.3 standard
    - add camera focus to all passenger seats so cam is on sub, not player - less motion sickness inducing turns ;)
    - made sub move faster while flying (old update, never posted)
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  2. music + horn

    smaller size, new content :D

    - removed huge screencaps from movie that didnt need to be in zip/pak
    - homing cigar prioritizes aggro targets over critters
    - homing cigar min speed increased slightly
    - vehicle lights active when any seat occupied
    - finished custom horn - give it a toot! ;)
    - added playable song into songbook

    don't let the blue meanies catch you!
  3. Error Fix

    fixes freeze error caused by touching humanoid mod

    i forgot a set of {}
  4. Cheerful Fixes

    Functionally the same as WIP 5
    updated Cheerful code so it doesn't crash when taking damage
  5. Graphics Update 2: electric boogaloo

    finished periscopes and propeller graphics - not so pixelly all over now ;)

    add - driver changes animation depending on floating/flying mode
    change - reworked terrain following code, should freak out less when underwater
    change - changed "highly damaged" settings to be less slow (0-25%hp)
    change - "moderately damaged" settings changed to be less slow (25-50% hp)
    add - missing "slightly damaged" movement settings (50-75% hp)
    fix - damage materialKind changed back to wooden
    fix - change base...
  6. Graphical Goodness

    Yellow Sub got a partial makeover :)
    (propeller and periscopes still need work)

    change - new body graphics! not so pixelly - thanks to @HuggableCreep (modified a bit)
    add - Cheerful Giraffe compatibility code
    add - health+armor scales to planet danger level
    change - RMB is just for horn, not flying
    change - remove horn from LMB, now is just for torpedo
    change - aerospace flying mode integrated with underwater driving, Jump activates
    fix - various rotation errors while...
  7. the "sky of blue" update

    yay im back! :rainbowbarf:
    (skipping sea of green update, since its included >.> )
    so.... lots in this update! i would call the mod 90+% complete.
    .. just some gfx+snd and their supporting code left

    - 3 main modes, Boat, Submarine, Flying Machine (aka Whale)
    Boat Mode: (default mode on spawn)
    fix - rocking action in wind while floating
    add - LMB honks horn (random tone)
    add - better sinking effects (affects sub + flyer modes also)
    fix - facing direction rotation angles
    change - damaged...
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