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The Yellow Submarine WIP 6.1

Sky of blue and sea of green. A five person flying submarine.

  1. Graphical Goodness

    Yellow Sub got a partial makeover :)
    (propeller and periscopes still need work)

    change - new body graphics! not so pixelly - thanks to @HuggableCreep (modified a bit)
    add - Cheerful Giraffe compatibility code
    add - health+armor scales to planet danger level
    change - RMB is just for horn, not flying
    change - remove horn from LMB, now is just for torpedo
    change - aerospace flying mode integrated with underwater driving, Jump activates
    fix - various rotation errors while facing left
    add - sub angles itself according to terrain when near ground / buildings
    fix - passengers could get in sub when sunk, immediately evicted from seat now

    was on a temporary hold until I figured out where I wanted to go with mod
    still not entirely sure, but its closer to whatever the end result will be :)
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