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The Yellow Submarine WIP 6.1

Sky of blue and sea of green. A five person flying submarine.

  1. the "sky of blue" update

    yay im back! :rainbowbarf:
    (skipping sea of green update, since its included >.> )
    so.... lots in this update! i would call the mod 90+% complete.
    .. just some gfx+snd and their supporting code left

    - 3 main modes, Boat, Submarine, Flying Machine (aka Whale)
    Boat Mode: (default mode on spawn)
    fix - rocking action in wind while floating
    add - LMB honks horn (random tone)
    add - better sinking effects (affects sub + flyer modes also)
    fix - facing direction rotation angles
    change - damaged movement parameter defaults

    Sub Mode: (JUMP to toggle activation)
    fix - ballast blow - press Jump while submerged to quickly rise to surface (Jump again to cancel) - speed of rising affected by damage
    add - LMB fires a "homing exploding cigar" (also cancels a "ballast blow")

    Whale Mode: (RMB to toggle activation) [NOTE! needs gfx/snds still]
    add - 'passive' - Jump to toggle, honk horn instead of firing cigar
    add - fire homing cigar with LMB when not passive ^

    kind of doesn't seem like a lot, but as usual i can never remember what all is changed heh:unsure:
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