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The XCOM Mod 3.5.1

Now With 1.0 Support!

  1. Fixes

    Small update that fixes a few sprite errors and a Typo
  2. welp

    Fixes the MEC's to be not buggy af and uses the newer XS-mechs code as well as a few minor bugs, as always let me know of any issues and I'm going to try to fix them in a timely manner and not be lazy (so sorry!).
  3. Balancing

    Update that ACTUALLY fixes the infinite pixels black market exploit and balances the armours so they don't make you invincible anymore.
  4. I'm not dead surprisingly.

    Alright, I'm back.
    Sorry for the lack of updates It's been a combination of being too busy with life, trouble with modding, modding other games and just pure laziness. But I'm back with another update that Re-adds all the MEC suits, fixes up various things and giving the sprites a new coat of paint thanks to the Amazing Dark Pursuer (Definitely check his sprites out) there are new sprites for nearly all weapons, some objects and a brand new skyranger design!
  5. Test

    this is just a test, I think that the workshop uploader is broken.
  6. Moar fix

  7. Fix

    Fixes the black market exploit and fixes the incredibly buggy skyranger(tell me if there are more bugs).
  8. It returns...

    *Hangar Doors open*
    *Ominous Smoke Lifts*
    *Skyranger Emerges*
    "Commander, Now we can take the fight to them..."
  9. Railgun and Particle cannon fix

    Sorry for all the updates guys, I'm just getting used to 1.0's slightly different systems.
  10. Another FIx

    Fixes the Advent Vending machine.