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The XCOM Mod 3.5.1

Now With 1.0 Support!


    WOOOOO UPDATE! :party:

    Alright this update is the biggest update yet and I guess that I'll need a proper changelog:

    Tiered Swords: Combat sword, Arc blade and Fusion blade.
    Furniture: Hologlobe, XCOM Hologram, Advent Hologram, Council member screen, Advent Traffic cone, XCOM banner.
    Crafting Stations: Dr. vahlen, Black market, Foundry and Advent Vending machine (yes seriously :D)
    Avatar Armor,
    Psionic Repeater (The Avatar's Weapon)
    Handheld Railgun and Handheld Particle Cannon
    Materials: Alien Alloys, Supplies, Alien Weapon Fragments, Elerium, Meld and avent Credits
    Changed all crafting Recipes
    Now You must first craft the black market from your inventory and then hire Dr, vahlen and purchase a foundry, You can then Buy materials to research tech at Dr Vahlen and then produce them at the foundry. You can also purchase the Advent vending machine at the black market and it will just sell Things Like advent cola, advent burgers and advent furniture. After researching quite a bit of tech you can purchase an advent security pass at the black market to unlock advent armor and weapons at the vending machine.
    YOu can also purchase XCOM furniture at the black market.
    I also changed all guns to .activeitem format for .gun format so now they have the crosshairs and i have to option of giving them ability.
    Most of the sprites have also been reworked and now the Heavy plasma doesn't look like grey sludge.

    Enjoy! :up:
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