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The Too Many Instruments Mod 1.15.1

When you feel like 31 instruments isn't enough.

  1. Anoyth
    Have you ever had the urge to throw a tuba at someone but couldn't cuz tubas didn't exist? No? Well this is the perfect mod for you! Once you install this mod, you won't be able to throw tubas but, you can definitely play it in front of them!

    What is this mod?
    This mod is a mod that mods in pretty much any instrument that Starbound still hasn't added in and makes the default instruments's volume louder!​

    Why would I need this mod?
    Idk, if ya like instruments or play one, maybe yours might be in here! (If it isn't, just comment down below your instrument and I'll see if I'll be able to add it!​

    How many instruments are in this mod currently?
    There are exactly 72 instruments are in this mod currently. If you add this with the default instruments, you get 103 instruments!​

    What instruments are in this mod currently?
    Here's a list of all of the instruments and the command to spawn them:
    1. Bass - /spawnitem bass
    2. Bass Clarinet - /spawnitem bass_clarinet
    3. Bass Drum - /spawnitem bass_drum
    4. Octave Bassoon - /spawnitem octave_bassoon
    5. Shamisen - /spawnitem shamisen suggested by /u/DenSavage
    6. Bass Trombone - /spawnitem bass_trombone
    7. Bassoon - /spawnitem bassoon
    8. Cello - /spawnitem cello
    9. Pizzicato Bass - /spawnitem pizzicato_bass
    10. Alto Clarinet - /spawnitem alto_clarinet
    11. Contra-Alto Clarinet - /spawnitem contra-alto_clarinet
    12. Contrabass Clarinet - /spawnitem contrabass_clarinet
    13. Octocontra-Alto Clarinet - /spawnitem octocontra-alto_clarinet
    14. Octocontrabass Clarinet - /spawnitem octocontrabass_clarinet
    15. Contrabassoon - /spawnitem contrabassoon
    16. Bass Balalaika - /spawnitem bass_balalaika
    17. English Horn - /spawnitem english_horn
    18. Glockenspiel - /spawnitem glockenspiel
    19. Handpan - /spawnitem handpan suggested by /u/TwoastySplosion
    20. Marimba - /spawnitem marimba
    21. Piccolo - /spawnitem piccolo
    22. Flugelhorn - /spawnitem flugelhorn
    23. Bass Trumpet - /spawnitem bass_trumpet
    24. Garklein Recorder - /spawnitem garklein_recorder
    25. Tenoroon - /spawnitem tenoroon
    26. Serpent - /spawnitem serpent
    27. Piccolo Clarinet - /spawnitem piccolo_clarinet
    28. Soprano Recorder - /spawnitem soprano_recorder
    29. Tenor Recorder - /spawnitem tenor_recorder
    30. Great bass Recorder - /spawnitem great_bass_recorder
    31. Sub-Great Bass Recorder - /spawnitem sub-great_bass_recorder
    32. Alto Horn - /spawnitem alto_horn
    33. PIccolo Trumpet - /spawnitem piccolo_trumpet
    34. Beatboxing Microphone - /spawnitem beatboxing_microphone suggested by /u/NotThatJaredBlack
    35. Kazoo - /spawnitem kazoo
    36. Sarrusophone - /spawnitem sarrusophone
    37. Snare Drum - /spawnitem snare_drum
    38. Tambourine - /spawnitem tambourine
    39. Hyperbass Flute - /spawnitem hyperbass_flute
    40. Double Contrabass Flute - /spawnitem double_contrabass_flute
    41. Subcontrabass Flute - /spawnitem subcontrabass_flute
    42. Bass Flute - /spawnitem bass_flute
    43. Contrabass Trumpet - /spawnitem contrabass_trumpet
    44. Contra-Alto Flute - /spawnitem contra-alto_flute
    45. Alto Flute - /spawnitem alto_flute
    46. Timpani - /spawnitem timpani
    47. Trombone - /spawnitem trombone
    48. Keytar - /spawnitem keytar
    49. Contrabass Trombone - /spawnitem contrabass_trombone
    50. Soprano Trombone - /spawnitem soprano_trombone
    51. Piccolo Trombone - /spawnitem piccolo_trombone
    52. Tuba - /spawnitem tuba
    53. Chimes - /spawnitem chimes
    54. Soprano Saxophone - /spawnitem soprano_saxophone
    55. Tenor Saxophone - /spawnitem tenor_saxophone
    56. Bass Saxophone - /spawnitem bass_saxophone
    57. Vibraphone - /spawnitem vibraphone
    58. Viola - /spawnitem viola
    59. Triangle - /spawnitem triangle
    60. Ophicleide - /spawnitem ophicleide
    61. Baritone - /spawnitem baritone
    62. Baritone Saxophone - /spawnitem baritone_saxophone
    63. Alto Saxophone - /spawnitem alto_saxophone
    64. Waterphone - /spawnitem waterphone
    65. Euphonium - /spawnitem euphonium
    66. Hurdy-Gurdy - /spawnitem hurdy-gurdy
    67. French Horn - /spawnitem french_horn
    68. Cimbasso - /spawnitem cimbasso
    69. Balalaika - /spawnitem balalaika
    70. Subcontrabassoon - /spawnitem subcontrabassoon
    71. Ukulele - /spawnitem ukulele
    72. Heckelphone - /spawnitem heckelphone

    Are you going to add more instrument eventually?
    Heck yeah I will! Here's the list of instruments I'll (hopefully) add eventually:
    The rest of the saxophone, recorder, and oboe familieS; theremin; kantele; choir/vocals (suggested by /u/ZDuff); cymbals; melodica; cornet; kit violin; harp guitar; venova; and contraforte.

    Are you currently taking suggestions?
    Of course!​

    How often will you update this mod?
    I will update this mod every 4 updates this mods gets on Steam.

    Can you find these like regular instruments in chests?

    My discord name: Anoyth#7777
    Add meh if ya like!

    Programs used to make the instruments:
    • FL Studio
    • Musescore
    • Polyphone
    • Photoshop
    • Adobe Audition
    • Audiacity
    • Some other ones that I forgot about


    Some music made with these instruments:

    (I'll add images later)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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