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The Saturnians

Space wizard moth mod


    Small update mainly to fix one bug.

    All Saturnian blocks now show a preview of their painted colors in the tooltip!
    Painting Brass Panels yellow makes them look like bronze.
    Voidgem Blocks are worth 1 pixel rather than 15.
    Voidgem Blocks can be crafted from vanilla Crystal Blocks, Liquid Erchius Fuel, and Healing Water with the Saturnian Furniture Table
    Vanilla Crystal Blocks can also be crafted at the Saturnian Furniture Table, to save time, and to work...
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  2. Saturnians v1.3.2

    Saturnians Version 1.3.2 Patch Notes:


    You can craft Healing Batons, Silk Batons, and Calm Batons. Silk Batons slow opponents down, and Calm Batons reduce their damage for a short time.
    Staff Enchanters now sell randomly generated Mage Batons.

    Added Floating Crystals Lights, Floating Orb Lights and Crystal Lampposts. Floating Lights can be placed in midair. Crafted with the Saturnian Furniture Table.
    Added purple...
  3. 1.3.1 Staves, Wands, and Batons!

    The Staff Enchanting Table can now be crafted at an Inventor's Table. In addition to the existing staves, you can also craft a new kind of staff, Mage Batons.

    Batons are functionally similar to guns. Each has a windup animation before firing. Generally, batons fire slower, more powerful projectiles than guns. Mods that give wands stat bonuses will also apply to batons.
    You can usually craft two weapon batons per tier. (if balance still seems off, please let me...
  4. Saturnians v1.3 (For Starbound 1.4.x)

    Saturnians 1.3 Patch Notes (For Starbound version 1.4.x)

    This update is kind of a stop-gap. The intended main feature of the update (Mage Baton weapon type) probably still needs balancing, so you can't obtain them without spawning yet. Mage Batons are crafted at the temporarily uncraftable Staff Enchanting Table.

    (All changes apply to both Saturnians/Thaumoth)

    Additions and changes:

    -Added a crafting table for Saturnian furniture....
  5. Wasp Moths + Hats: Village Crash Fix

    Saturnians Patch Notes:
    • Fixed villages causing crashes.
    • Made a certain hat craftable.


    Saturnians 1.2 Patch Notes:

    -Added a Hat fitter, for converting hats for Saturnian use. It works like furnaces used to back in beta. Place a hat in the first slot and press the button.
    (The Hat Fitter...
  6. Saturnians 1.2 Wasp Moths and Hat Fitters

    Added wasp moth themed villages, a hat converter, and a table for crafting bonus armor.


    Saturnians 1.2 Patch Notes:

    -Added a Hat fitter, for converting hats for Saturnian use. It works like furnaces used to back in beta. Place a hat in the first slot and press the button.
    (The Hat Fitter is crafted by hand for only 1 pixel.)
    177 Total converted hats + 20 alt versions. Whew!
    All Racial Helmets can be converted (even if it...
  7. Version 1.1.2

    Version 1.1.2 Released, adding scythes, new wand charge sounds, and the ability to play as a nocturnal Saturnian.
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  8. 1.1.1 Minor Bug fixes and silk crafting

    -Saturnian villages now have a higher chance of spawning on snow worlds.

    -Saturnians can craft Mage Silk from nectar. Click while holding mage silk to convert it into regular silk. This is to maintain compatibility with other race mods that craft silk.

    -Rapiers are a bit more magical now. The last attack in a rapier's combo now extends the reach of the blade and plays a new sound (tier 3 and up)

    -Most weapons are tagged to support mods that give...
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  9. The Village Update


    Saturnians 1.1 Patch Notes:

    Added a village! Although this is a floating village, it's anchored to the ground and has an elevator. You don't need to tower up to it like the avian airships.

    Villages spawn on Forest, Desert, Jungle, Snow, Tundra, Alien, and Savannah Planets. If you have mods that add more dungeons, Saturnian villages could be extremely rare...

    Npcs there will sell some special items:

    Staff Enchanters sell mage wands, randomly...
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  10. Fixed servers crashing at launch.

    Saturnians Patch Notes:

    • Removed a broken, unused asset that was causing servers to crash on launch.

    • A new optional file, "Less Garish Chargen", is included in the Optional files folder. This limits Saturnian colors to options that match better. Use this if you want to stop getting tenants with terrible color combinations. It affects only new characters, so...