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The Saturnians 1.3.7

Space wizard moth mod

  1. 1.0.4 SAIL Mod Compatability

    1.0.4 released. Saturnians' SAIL was missing a line which caused an issue where mods affecting SAIL would lock up the Saturnians' version of the console.

    The zip file is triggering the site's 10MB limit even though the file is 4 MB, so it's now hosted on Mediafire. I have an adblocker, so I don't know how bad the ads are there. This is what the download button looks like.

    Saturnians 1.0.4 Patch Notes:

    * Added a missing line to SAIL Console. New characters shouldn't have problems with SAIL sleeping when certain mods are installed

    * Saturnian's version of SAIL has new dialogue. It's probably going to change again...

    * Saturnian Guards can be spawned as tenants and use randomly generated wands in battle. There's currently a bug with this where the AI might not know the max range of the wand. They also have a chance of spawning with modified Glitch helmets.

    * New assets are included for future village generation. Most are not obtainable yet unless you use commands. Please understand.

    * Dye colors for wings have less contrast.

    * Indigo dye has improved contrast and saturation to match with other dyes.

    * New teleporter graphics.

    * Saturnians get the default starting items + their own extras, instead of only getting their unique set. Mods that add to the default pool of items, like Frackin' Universe, will now add to Saturnians' starting pools.

    * T4 Staff is actually T4 instead of T3

    * Fixed Description of T6 ranged chest armor

    * Fixed ship teleporter collision. No longer on the top part of the room.
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